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NFL Denver Broncos

Champ Bailey is Still One of the Best


It happens every year, we get halfway through the NFL season and there are certain stories that grab our attention. We talk about the surprise teams, the disappointing teams and the players who come out of nowhere. We talk about the quarterbacks, the rookies and the head cases but it is the players that we don’t talk about who are the ones who continue to do things the right way.

Denver Broncos cornerback, Champ Bailey is one of those players that most of us take for granted. Bailey is in his 14th NFL season, his 9th with the Broncos, and he is still one of the very best in the business. Has Bailey lost a step over the years? Probably but don’t tell that to New Orleans Saint’s wide receiver, Marques Colston. Colston was one of the hottest receivers in the league going into the Sunday night matchup with Bailey, and he was shut down.

The Broncos secondary is getting compliments from everyone and most of those glowing words are focused on the young talents of Chris Harris and Tony Carter. Once again Bailey is taken for granted but he is still the biggest reason for any success of the Bronco’s secondary. He can still cover a number one type receiver and take him out of the game, and Bailey is still the best cornerback versus the run. The secondary for the Broncos is a big reason for the defensive turnaround of the Broncos and the youngsters deserve their share of the credit, but Bailey is still the best player in the defensive backfield.

There are a lot of things to love about how the Broncos are playing right now, especially defensively, but don’t forget about the obvious ones. Bailey may be in his 14th season but there are few who do it better than number 24.

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