DeAngelo Hall's Act Is Wearing Thin For the Washington Redskins

By Greg Bradshaw
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Once again, Washington Redskins’ cornerback DeAngelo Hall (above, left) is caught in a controversy. First, it was Hall claiming that New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning was not a “rocket scientist”, referring to Manning’s game winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Victor Cruz in the Giants’ Week Seven game against the Redskins. The word “rocket” is the operative word here, as in the ball rocketed over the Washington secondary into Cruz’ hands to win the game for the Giants.

Hall’s latest controversy occurred during the Redskins’ Week Eight game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hall got entangled with Steelers’ wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. After the play, Hall took his helmet off to yell something at one of the officials.  And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t “Happy Halloween”. Bad move. That incurred a fifteen yard penalty on Hall for unsportsmanlike conduct, and led to Hall’s ejection from the game, long after the outcome had been decided.

It’s uncertain whether or not Hall will be fined or suspended for his outburst. Considering the recent performance of Hall and his teammates in the secondary, Redskins’ fans might not care one way or the other. Hall is the leader of an underwhelming secondary that has contributed greatly to a defense that ranks last in the NFL in passing yardage allowed.

Although he and linebacker Rob Jackson are tied for the team lead in interceptions with two, Hall’s play hasn’t exactly warranted his recent incidents with Manning and the official during the Steelers’ game. He needs to eschew the extracurricular activity and concentrate on improving the ranking of the pass defense. As one of the defense’s better players, Hall needs to set an example for his less talented secondary mates.

Washington’s season is at its halfway point, so it’s hard to imagine that the defense will make considerable strides to become better now. Redskins’ head coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen will have to think long and hard regarding reconstruction of the defense. If players continue to underperform, they may be wearing a different uniform in 2013. Hall might want to keep that in mind before his next outburst.

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