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Denver Broncos Play Complimentary Football Perfectly

Byron Hetzler-US PRESSWIRE

Since training camp started back in July, we’ve been talking about complimentary football with the Denver Broncos. It has taken seven games but the Broncos are starting to play like they were built to play. The offense led by Peyton Manning is set and they are only going to get better, but if the defense continues to play in concert with the offense then the sky is the limit.

For the first time all season, with the exception of the game versus the Oakland Raiders, the Broncos jumped out to a first-half lead over the New Orleans Saints and that allowed the defense to play to their strengths. When the offense scored, the defense went out and got the ball back to the offense. When the defense forced a turnover, the offense went out and turned it into points.

In addition to the offense complimenting the defense; the running game complimented the passing game. The Broncos have been striving for balance all season and they found it on Sunday night. Willis McGahee and Ronnie Hillman ran for over 200 yards and Peyton Manning threw for over 300 yards again. If the offense for the Broncos continues to play that type of complimentary football, then playing deep into January is a distinct possibility.

It’s time to give John Elway the credit he deserves; he has built this team with a perfect mix of veteran and young talent. Elway signed veterans like Manning, McGahee, Keith Brooking and more. The Broncos are also seeing the draft picks from the past two years start to take off including; Danny Trevathan, Virgil Green, Ronnie Hillman and more. The veterans are complimenting the young players and vice-versa, and it is Elway who had the vision.

The Denver Broncos are getting better every week and it is because they are playing complimentary football. That’s the way they were built to play, and we saw what the results are when they play it for four quarters. There’s a long way to go but the Broncos are here to stay!

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