Despite Disappointment, San Diego Chargers Must Move On

By Anthony Blake
Jamaal Charles -- Chargers Defense

An object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force and the Bolts haven’t taken any sort of action to alter their current downward path. No, this isn’t Physics 101, but the San Diego Chargers could use some of Sir Isaac Newton’s philosophies to right the ship and end their current slide. The team’s latest 7-6 loss to the lowly Cleveland Browns was yet another example of just how inept Norv Turner is as an NFL head coach.

Most teams facing the type of adversity that the Bolts were presented with over the past week would rally together and their coaching staff would put together a gameplan capable of beating a team that is the infancy of rebuild mode. That style of preparation would have featured an emphasis on taking care of the football and sound assignment based defense. More than anything, those two areas were the most at fault for the Chargers completely dissolving in the rain by Lake Erie on Sunday.

Now another stiff challenge faces the Bolts as they have to make a quick turnaround following this upsetting loss to face the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday. While the Chiefs may not look all that tough on paper, running back Jamaal Charles is a serious threat after watching how easily Trent Richardson tore through the San Diego defense. This game will be a real test of character and a true examination of Turner as a coach to see if he even has a clue what the team needs in order to prepare them for a game after a tough defeat.

Clearly football and physics aren’t always interrelated, but with the Chargers, the two seem to be hand in hand at this point. Ending this perpetual slide is necessary if the Bolts want to have any chance to catch the Denver Broncos in the AFC West. Right now with Turner so out of touch and the team looking disinterested, yet another year may be slipping away from the Chargers’ franchise.

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