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Despite Injury, Blaine Gabbert Silences Critics With First 300-Yard Performance

Jacksonville Jaguars Blaine Gabbert


It is no longer an option for Jacksonville Jaguars fans to question quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s toughness.

Despite tearing the labrum in his non-throwing shoulder only a week prior, Gabbert took the field on Sunday and stood tall in the pocket and delivered his first career 300-yard passing performance.

The Jaguars hung tough on Sunday despite being massive underdogs against a red hot Green Bay Packers team. Despite facing one of the NFL’s most ferocious pass rushes, Gabbert picked up where he left off last Sunday and for the second consecutive week following the bye has looked like a legitimate quarterback.

At 1-6, the Jaguars season is all but over. However, if Gabbert continues to play like he did on Sunday for the Jaguars final nine games, the team will be more comfortable with him as their quarterback moving forward.

The only noticeable effects of Gabbert’s injury were when he was hit hard and would land on his shoulder. Even though Gabbert would get up grimacing, it appeared that nothing about his injury is going to affect his ability to throw the ball down the field. Given that, it seems that the only thing that is going to prevent Gabbert from playing this season is if the pain somehow becomes too much for him to handle.

In the time that Gabbert has been on the field over the past two games, the Jaguars offense has moved the ball consistently for the first time since 2010. Now that Gabbert and the offense have started to move the ball, they need to get better at getting the ball in the end zone instead of settling for field goals.