Why The Buffalo Bills Should Draft Manti Te'o in the 1st Round

By Scott DelleFave
Te'o, Manti 1

There has been much talk already about who the Buffalo Bills should draft in April and a lot of  fans want to take a quarterback to replace the erratic at best Ryan Fitzpatrick, while I wouldn’t totally complain, however I think going linebacker specifically Manti Te’o out of The University of Notre Dame .to bolster our defense even more would make a quarterback’s job a lot easier. Also, the Bills’ defense, despite all the big names on the front four, has been beyond awful this year, I’d compare it to Swiss cheese, but Swiss cheese has far fewer holes.

Manti Te’o is a massive (6′ 2″ 255 lb. ) linebacker whom can play any linebacker position in any scheme which is deadly for any team that actually gets his hands on him. Besides the versatility, he has an intensity that I’m comparing to sure fire Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis and he is extremely athletic and has exceptional hands too.

He has been highly touted since coming out of high school in Laie, Hawaii  being in the top ten of players recruited in the entire nation, which is impressive from the islands. In four years at Notre Dame he has been a tackling machine to say the least, and is the captain of the third ranked team in the nation and seemingly gets better with every single play in every single game. But that’s just my take! What do you all think?

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