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NFL Rumors: Jared Cook no longer wants to be a Titan

Jared Cook against Bills

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

He was on the brink of a great season, or so he thought. A few months ago he was even talking about a long term deal with the Tennessee Titans, but something must have changed in the head of tight end Jared Cook.

Reports are now circulating that he requested a trade from the team this afternoon. Another announcement that came this afternoon was that the trade deadline was moved from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday afternoon at 4 pm ET due to hurricane Sandy. Could this maybe have had an impact on his request?

When asked if the organization would trade Cook, head coach Mike Munchak stated, ““I am not going to comment on that. That is not my decision to make, but I don’t see that happening, no. I don’t see why we would do that. I don’t follow that. This is not the time for those things.”

To me it almost sounds as though Munchak is a bit taken back, and for lack of a better term, offended by Cook’s request to be traded.

Despite the fact that Cook hasn’t played all that much for the team, and having another tight end like Craig Stevens, I don’t see the team trading him either. This season he has 28 catches for 373 yards with two touchdowns. When you look at it, he only trails Chris Johnson’s rushing numbers by just over 200 yards.

It would be a real mistake if the Titans let this one go. And I think they learned from their franchise-tag of a mistake last season with cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Having the trade deadline extended just bought a little more time. Who knows, Cook might just be trying to scare them and this is his way for asking for more playing time.