NFL Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Sticking with Brady Quinn?


The NFL rumors around the Kansas City Chiefs center squarely on the quarterback position these days as Head Coach Romeo Crennel and injuries have created a sort of revolving door at the position.

In the Week 8 matchup with the Oakland Raiders, starter Brady Quinn was taken from the game with a concussion, opening the door for previous starter Matt Cassel to retake the reigns.  Cassel, however, couldn’t get anything going and the Chiefs were dealt yet another loss.

Crennel looks like he is going to stick with Quinn as his quarterback if Quinn is cleared to play.  “First of all, we have to see about Brady and what his situation is and whether he can go or not,” Crennel said after the loss.  “Then we’ll evaluate Matt and his situation and also we’ll evaluate [Ricky] Stanzi. I’m not ruling out anybody. I have to look at everybody. I know time is a constraint that I have to work under, but the first thing that has to be done is to see where Brady is. If he’s not available, then I need to see about the other two and then make a decision.”

Crennel looks like he would like to stick with Quinn if Quinn can play.  I don’t agree that Brady Quinn is the best quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs now, or for the future.  Quinn hasn’t done anything special in his time in the NFL and has looked putrid in the two games he has started.  In 44 pass attempts this year he has tossed 3 interceptions.  One of those interceptions came just before his concussion and he left Sunday’s game with a 2-for-4 for 1 yard and a pick day.  Quinn’s quarterback rating is an abysmal 43.1 this season.

This is what Romeo Crennel is pinning his NFL future on?  Surely, he is on the hot seat after the Chiefs have become the first team in NFL history to play seven games and never hold a lead.  Their lone win came in overtime, a 27-24 win over the New Orleans Saints.

There is no reason a team with the NFL’s third best rushing attack, should be this putrid on offense.  Granted, Matt Cassel hasn’t been anything to write home about this year but is Brady Quinn really better than Cassel in Crennel’s eyes?  If so, he might need glasses.

The fact that he mentioned Ricky Stanzi as a possibility shows Crennel’s reluctance to roll the dice with Cassel.  It has become obvious that Cassel’s time in Kansas City has come to an end regardless if Crennel stays or is fired at the end of the year.  Until next year, Chiefs fans could be in for a long fall and winter.

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