NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill is Likely Fine

By Craig Ballard
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

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Early word from the Miami Dolphins is that rookie QB Ryan Tannehill will be okay and could return quickly from injuries he sustained vs the New York Jets.

Tannehill feels like he has a left quad and knee issue, but one that could be okay and not season-threatening. He is having an MRI today (Monday) and we will know soon enough what the actual extent is.

Early in the opening quarter Jets LB Calvin Pace sacked Tannehill and the leg was hurt. Tannehill did not return to the game, but some of that looks like it was precautionary. The word from the coaches after the game, and on the flight going home, was that they feel confident that the leg did not sustain an injury that would take significant time to heal.

We will follow this story closely, and we will know the MRI results sooner rather than later, but so far it does look good for Tannehill. As a QB he has plenty of room for growth (most rookies do) but he has shown himself to be a team guy with an attitude/demeanor we can all support and root for. The ‘Phins are not required to let us know the MRI results until Wednesday, but so far it does look like there is no structural damage.

Clearly any missed time is a big deal for rookie QBs eager to improve, and Tannehill is no different. Since playing poorly in a week 3 loss to the same Jets he had been on a very impressive run. He was throwing for 280 yards per game since that week 3 game, and he was developing his chemistry with Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, and Anthony Fasano. Jabar Gaffney is in the mix now so bit-by-bit this passing game is putting pieces together.

Early on in 2012 the O was all about the run-game, but it has fallen off dramatically. That has gone somewhat under-the-radar/unnoticed because of the weekly improvements from Tannehill.

Matt Moore has the make-up to be a quality back-up, but clearly the Joe Philbin regime was prepared to go forward and make-or-break with Tannehill.

From a storyline aspect I hope to see #1 overall pick Andrew Luck go against #8 overall Tannehill this weekend, and so far the word is that is still on the table.

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