The NFL’s 20 Worst Uniforms, Both Past and Present

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The Worst Uniforms of the NFL's Past and Present


The awful throwback uniforms worn by the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 8 of the NFL season were jaw-dropping for all the wrong reasons. As seen above, Ben Roethlisberger and his teammates looked like a gritty version of a Flight of the Bumblebee performance and caused headaches for those watching the Steelers' 27-12 win over the Washington Redskins. What in the world were they thinking when they rolled these disgusting things out?

It's over and now the world can just sit back in disbelief of the mustard-stained jailhouse rock getups with which the Steelers decided to embarrass their players. These horrific outfits "inspired" this list of the absolute worst uniforms in the NFL, including those from long ago, those from a few years back, those from the last couple of seasons and those worn as recently as Week 8 of the 2012 NFL season.

Sit down and get your Advil ready because the pictures of these 20 uniforms are absolutely going to give you a headache, but you'll be glad you saw them. Well, maybe you won't, but you and I both know you want to...

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Denver Broncos Throwbacks


Vertical stripes are never good. That's a memo that several teams on this list missed. However, these yellow and brown catastrophes are some of the worst. If you call them "gold and chocolate" or something silly like that, you should probably see a shrink.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Current Teal Jerseys


The Dolphins are the only team that can somewhat pull off teal. Jacksonville just needs to stop.

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New England Patriots Flying Elvis


New England was so classic with the red jerseys and Pat the Patriot on their helmets. I love The King's music, but the Flying Elvis the Patriots wear now has got to go.

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New York Jets Throwbacks

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Jets don't seem to do anything right these days. They even made Brett Favre (yes, remember he played for them for like 5 seconds?) wear these Robocop-looking disasters.

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Seattle Seahawks Lime Green Jerseys

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

The Seahawks are the only team to let Nike do a little experimenting with its uniforms in 2012, but it may have been these neon green disasters that ended Reebok's tenure as the NFL's official outfitter.

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Philadelphia Eagles Throwbacks


These ridiculous uniforms look like the Michigan Wolverines' classic dons on a bad television set. The concept is there, but sky blue with canary yellow? Gross.

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New York Giants Current Red Jerseys


How are the fans supposed to yell "Go Blue!" when their team is wearing red? The Giants' have one of the league's most classic looks with their blue and grey, so hopefully these red uniforms were just an experiment...

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Green Bay Packers Throwbacks


The worst part about throwback uniforms is sometimes they don't match. Why in the world would the Packers pick those plum, no brown, no grape, whatever color helmets those are?

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Baltimore Ravens Inaugural Season Uniforms (1996)


The Ravens look clean today, but they didn't in their inaugural season. What is that weird thing on their helmet and how wide do the numbers need to be? Sheesh! The current raven with the purple and black is a great look, but it took a while to get there.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Throwbacks


How can we have a worst uniforms collaboration without throwing in the Bucs' creamsicle catastrophes?

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Pittsburgh Steelers 1994 Throwbacks


Again with the vertical stripes…will the Steelers ever learn?

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Cincinnati Bengals Current Orange Jerseys

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Cincinnati's uniforms are bad enough when they wear their usual home black jerseys, but these vomit-colored calamities are awful.

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Jaguars Gold Jerseys With Printed Helmets


Look, the Jaguars got a second title! At least they're winning something, but these jaguar-print (what?) helmets and tannish jerseys need to remain in the basement.

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Chicago Bears 1920s Throwbacks


I thought we went over vertical stripes already...

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New Orleans Saints Throwbacks

Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE

How many different shades of gold, yellow, mustard or whatever you call that are we going to have at one time? I love Archie Manning, but whoever put these things together should be looking for work…

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St. Louis Rams 1994 Throwbacks


When will the NFL learn that yellow is not a good look. No, stop it; that's not gold. If you think it is, you should have your wedding ring examined by a professional because it's probably fool's gold.

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Broncos 1966 Uniforms


That "Bronco" on the helmet looks demented. Logos are supposed to be fierce and respectable. This one is not and neither are those colors on that jersey...

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Washington Redskins Throwbacks


Again with the yellow...

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Cleveland Browns Orange Uniforms


Orange is even worse than yellow. The Browns would look solid if they actually wore brown. We're not talking just brown — we're talking a rich chocolate color that many are calling the new black. Such a waste with these vomit-collared catastrophes.

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Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 Throwbacks


Alas, we get to the latest disaster in the NFL that prompted this list. Whether it's the bumblebee look or the mustard-stained jailhouse rock music video, these are some of the worst uniforms in recent league history. However, they're probably just the beginning of a long line of bad getups with Nike at the helm...

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