Weekly Rant: Bringing back Bill Polian would be a painful reminder of everything wrong in Buffalo

By Christyne Polle
Bill Polian former Buffalo Bills GM
Brian Spurlock- US Presswire

Today it was reported that former GM of the Buffalo Bills Bill Polian, who was fired this past offseason as President of the Indianapolis Colts, wants back into the NFL.

Allegedly, Polian is looking for employment for himself and his son, Chris Polian, who was also fired from his position of Colts GM. Polian is currently a media analyst who makes appearances regularly on ESPN.

Last week, Polian was honored at Ralph Wilson Stadium and placed on the Wall of Fame. Maybe it was the welcoming cheers and loyalty of Bills fans that sparked this new development, but it couldn’t come at a worse time as Buffalo is desperate and looking for a solution at every corner.

Many disappointed Bills fans may think bringing Polian back to the team, after honoring him in their last home game loss, is a sign or some sort of fate. My opinion is that bringing back Polian is the exact explanation of everything that is wrong with this franchise. While other teams evaluate and bring in new and upcoming talent, Buffalo moves backwards by bringing in talent that is traditional-minded, past their prime and never worthy of the positions they hold.

Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix are prime examples of the traditional approach that isn’t working. Both have promised change and have promised a new mentality that will bring success to Buffalo. With Nix and Gailey’s record as the GM/head coach tandem in Buffalo being 13-26, and with possible busts in the way of Mario Williams, Aaron Williams and Dave Wannstedt, it’s clear that the same problems exist under people who never should have been given the opportunity in the first place.

Going further back, the Bills also brought in Marv Levy, who led the team to four Super Bowls as head coach. He was brought in as GM and Vice President of the Bills in 2006. Levy brought in the highly hated Dick Jauron and also took part in drafting both Donte Whitner and John McCargo in the first round, which many people thought could have been used much more wisely. Looking back at the past decade, Jauron may be one of the most responsible disasters that has led to the softness of the team as a whole and the lack of motivation within the franchise.

Bringing back Polian would only be a temporary band-aid to quiet the masses, similar to Marv, Terrell Owens, Mario, etc. Polian is another example of a football mind who was great, but who can’t fix a team beyond repairs. This team is past has beens and temporary fixes.

Polian seemed great as Colts GM, until Peyton Manning was out for an entire season and the Colts organization flopped, unable to win games without him. Last season left many wondering what Polian and the rest of the organization had been doing all those years while Peyton was single-handedly leading the teams to victories.

Anyone who thinks Polian can come in and save the day is grasping at straws.

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