AFC East Through Week 8

By Trisity Miller

New England Patriots 5-3 (2-0)

Next Week: Bye Week

After throttling the St. Louis Rams 45-7 in London, it’s looking like the Patriots are beginning to catch their stride going into this bye week. Rob Gronkowski is beginning to look like his old self and when Wes Welker is the primary target, this offense is the best in the league. The running game they spoke highly off in the off-season is meeting expectations. The defense is coming along fine, but still needs work. Long story short, going into the bye this team is beginning to look like the Patriots team we’ve grown to know.

Miami Dolphins 4-3 (1-1)

New Week: at Indianapolis Colts (4-3)

If the playoffs started today, this team would be in as the 5th seed. After going to New York’s home, they backed up all the trash talk they spoke when preparing for the game. A 30-9 victory was the outcome. Second in the AFC East, if they can pull a victory over the Colts, they’ll put themselves into position to sneak into the playoffs.  Though rookie Ryan Tannehill may be the Colts game, Matt Moore is arguably the best backup quarterback in the league, so the offense won’t skip a beat.

Buffalo Bills 3-4 (0-2)

Next Week: at Houston Texans (5-3)

There were solid expectations coming into the season–and they haven’t met those expectations at all. Coming off a bye week, they’re hoping to get the train back on the tracks, but unfortunately their next few games are against the Texans, Patriots, Dolphins and Colts, all teams who are in a groove and with winning records. Also, there is still a missing person’s alert for Mario Williams, who only has 3.5 sacks this season. It’s the perfect time to remind Bills fans that he signed a $96 million, 6-year contract this off-season.

New York Jets 3-5 (2-2)

Next Week: Bye Week

The Jets are the complete opposite of their AFC East counterparts in the Patriots. While the Pats are going into the bye with momentum, this Jets team is 2 losses away from imploding and probably cleaning house in the coaching staff for next season. With the way they’re using Tim Tebow, I’m surprised he hasn’t requested a trade. Mark Sanchez isn’t getting the job done and that’s the sole reason Tebow was brought into New York. Not to be a gadget player, but to be there when Sanchez isn’t able to carry the offense. That is what’s happening and Rex Ryan is on the hot-seat. If he isn’t fired soon, then he’s gone by the end of the year if New York doesn’t step it up.

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