NFL Playoff Odds for all 32 Teams

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Odds of Each Team Making the Playoffs Through Week 8


With many teams having completed half of their schedule so far this season, the NFL playoff picture is becoming more and more clear. Week 8 in the league showcased many of the top teams, and all of the elite ones prevailed with victories.

This ranking uses the same system you see every week on PTI, where I will assign a percentage chance of each team making it to the postseason. The rankings go from least likely to make it, to most likely to make it on a scale of 0-100 percent.

Even though we're only at the unofficial half way point of the season, there are some teams on the list here that are near locks to be playing in January. There are about five elite teams, that I would almost bet the farm on them making it to the postseason.

Really the only question among the elite teams is, who is the best team in the league through week 8? Right now I have the New York Giants as the league's best. They are the defending champs, and they've won four games in a row. Until someone knocks them off, they're the best. They look ready to make another run at defending their Super Bowl victory from a season ago.

Without question there are several teams capable of knocking off the Giants, but right now the G-Men are the favorites. Many don't show them the respect they deserve, so someone's got to do it.

Let's take a look at the playoff odds for each NFL team:

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Kansas City Chiefs - 0%


The Chiefs are just flat out terrible. Their quarterback situation is a mess, they aren't even utilizing Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe might get traded. Things are not good in Kansas City. They'll be lucky to make the playoffs in the next three seasons...

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Carolina Panthers - 0%


Talk about a team taking a step back. The Panthers have been in complete disarray all season, and things don't look like they're getting better anytime soon. Cam Newton is experiencing the sophomore slump that many feared that he would have, and who knows if Ron Rivera will even make it through the season.

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Jacksonville Jaguars - 0%


The Jaguars aren't as bad as their 1-6 record indicates in my opinion. They've at least been somewhat respectable, keeping a few games close, but they've been unable to break through. Jacksonville is a very young team that has some hope for the future.

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Cleveland Browns - 0%


The Browns are the Browns once again, just not good. I hate to Dawg on them (pun intended), but they just continue to be one of, if not the worst, NFL franchise. The future could hold a different fate for Cleveland though, as they have solid rookies at quarterback and running back.

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Tennessee Titans - 3%


The Titans are a team that's just not there yet. They've got decent talent on a fairly young team, but have been unable to put it together on a weekly basis in 2012. Matt Hasselbeck seems to give the team it's best chance to win, which only further complicates things at quarterback.

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Oakland Raiders - 7%


The Raiders are not going to the postseason, it's just that easy. Yes, they do have a small chance, but they've shown me nothing that makes me think of them as a true contender. It's a work in progress in Oakland.

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St. Louis Rams - 8%


With Jeff Fisher now calling the shots in St. Louis, things are looking brighter for Rams' fans. This team is still a couple years away from really making some noise, but they have a solid foundation to build on.

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New Orleans Saints - 9%


One of the bigger surprises in the league this year, the Saints just look like a lost team. The whole Bountygate scandal has taken its toll on the franchise, and this year is just not New Orleans' year.

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Buffalo Bills - 15%


The Bills still have a decent mathematical chance at the playoffs, especially playing in the AFC. I don't have them making it, as they are another team that's not ready, but I wouldn't be shocked if they snuck into the postseason somehow. I mean there's only 7 teams with winning records in their conference...

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New York Jets - 19%


I went back and forth on the chances of the Jets making it to January. Not whether or not they'd get in, but if 19% was too high. The Jets are an average football team with key injuries on both sides of the ball. But again in the AFC, they still have a puncher's chance.

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Washington Redskins - 21%


Great story here with the Redskins and sensational rookie RG3, but I see a team that's not ready for a postseason run. Ton of potential as well with Alfred Morris at running back, but 2012 is not the year for Washington to return to the postseason.

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Philadelphia Eagles - 25%


I feel like 25% is pretty generous for an Eagles team that's spiraling out of control. At this point it really looks like the end for Michael Vick and Andy Reid in Philly. But stranger things have happened, and the Eagles do have the talent to turn things around.

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Cincinnati Bengals - 29%


The Bengals have a decent chance of making to the postseason once again this season. Sitting at 3-4 in the AFC, they could be in worse position. I don't have them making it this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do.

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San Diego Chargers - 31%


The Chargers have only themselves to blame for sitting at 3-4. They could easily be at 5-2, but they let two potential victories slip way in the past two weeks. But I'm not ruling them out with plenty of football left to play. However if they can't get back to January, Norv Turner is most certainly done.

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Dallas Cowboys - 35%


Who are the Cowboys? I don't think even they have the answer to that question. This team just can't seem to click on all cylinders for a whole game. There's a ton of potential in Dallas, I'm just not sure they have the right coaches and talent in place to maximize its potential.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 35%


The Bucs showed America they can play some football last Thursday evening. Doug Martin showed he's one of the most promising young backs in the league, and Josh Freeman proved he can make the tough throws. I don't like the Bucs' chances, but they're not dead yet.

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Arizona Cardinals - 39%


The Cardinals have lost four straight, and aren't showing any signs of turning things around. I have them at 39% basically just because they statistically are still in the running at 4-4. However, I don't think there's anyway they play in January.

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Detroit Lions - 47%


After a terrible start in 2012, the Lions are slowly but surely making their way back into playoff contention. Their offense is starting to regain its form from a season ago, and at 3-4 with several division games to go, they have a good chance to return to the postseason.

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Seattle Seahawks - 48%


Seattle also sits at 4-4 in the NFC West division, and they just seem to be one of those teams that won't go away. They are in no way a Super Bowl contender, but they're definitely legitimate playoff contender. Any time they play at home, they have a chance to win, so I give the Seahawks a 48% chance.

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Miami Dolphins - 50%


Arguably the biggest surprise in 2012, the Dolphins are in the running for the playoffs. At this point I have them at 50/50 because they're such a young team, and often we see teams like this collapse down the stretch. If I had to bet, I would put my money on that exact thing happening to Miami. Great story though...

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Indianapolis Colts - 51%


Andrew Luck is the real deal, no question about it, but can he lead this young team to the playoffs? The answer is looking more and more like a yes. Playing in the AFC, I'm confident Indianapolis will take their season down to the wire with a chance at the postseason going into the final couple weeks.

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Pittsburgh Steelers - 59%


The Steelers got off to a not so great start this year, but hey, they're the Steelers so of course they have a good chance to make the playoffs. At 4-3 they're starting to hit their stride, and I'll be really shocked to not see them in January once again.

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Minnesota Vikings - 61%


One of the more surprising teams in the NFL this year, the Vikings sit at 5-3 half way through their season. Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin are the real deal in Minnesota, but is Christian Ponder? That's the question all Vikings' fans are asking right now.

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Baltimore Ravens - 75%


A team many had going to the Super Bowl, the Ravens have now fallen on hard times. After losing Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb to season ending injuries, the fate of this Ravens team is up in the air. I still have them making the playoffs, but that's about it because of the way they looked in week 7.

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Green Bay Packers - 85%


After getting screwed in Seattle earlier this year, it looked like the Packers might be in for a long year. But half way through Aaron Rodgers is showing why he's arguably the best quarterback in the league, and as long as No. 12 is throwing the passes in Green Bay, the Packers will make the playoffs.

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Denver Broncos - 90%


The Broncos have faced one of the toughest schedules in the league this season, and thus far have survived. Led by the returning Peyton Manning, Denver is on it's way to playing in January. It's now just a question of how far they can go...

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Chicago Bears - 95%


Da Bears. So far they are who we thought they were, much improved with Brandon Marshall on offense. Their defense is as solid as ever, but questions still linger about Jay Cutler. Can he get it done on the big stage? He'll get his chance as the Bears are almost a lock for the playoffs after week 8.

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San Francisco 49ers - 98%


The 49ers punished the Cardinals on MNF this week, and showed yet again they have the best defense in the league. San Francisco is almost a sure thing for the playoffs, it's just a matter of getting over the hump into the Super Bowl this season...

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New England Patriots - 100%


The Patriots haven't looked great all year, but they're still one of the best teams in the AFC. They'll win their division and make it back to the postseason for a run at back-to-back Super Bowls.

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Houston Texans - 100%


The Texans will make the playoffs, no doubt about it. They have the fire power on both sides of the ball, but they still lack postseason experience. Matt Schaub has never won a playoff game, so it might come down to his play for Houston this season.

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Atlanta Falcons - 100%


The Falcons have never been 7-0 until this year. I think you could of made a case for them making the playoffs several weeks back, just simply because they have so much talent on both sides of the ball. As with the Texans, it's just a matter of how they handle to postseason atmosphere. Matt Ryan has never won a playoff game, going 0-3 so far in his career....

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New York Giants - 100%


The New York Football Giants are the league's best team. I know they don't have the best record, but they are the champions, plain and simple. All signs point to another chance at a Super Bowl run this season. My only concern lies in the fact that the Giants may not be the underdog for once. How will they play after a first round bye, as opposed to just sneaking into the playoffs? If the Giants are true champions, it won't make a difference.