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NFL Rumors: New Reports Claim Michael Vick Will Remain Starting QB

Howard Smith-US Presswire

I thought we were done dealing with massive flip-flops when Brett Favre finally retired from the NFL.

I guess not.

After multiple reports surfaced earlier today saying that Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid had benched QB Michael Vick and promoted rookie QB Nick Foles to the starting job, it is now being widely reported that Vick will keep his job.

This has been one of the bigger stories week by week in the NFL, being that Vick is one of the most polarizing and controversial players in the league. Vick had also been dealing with plenty of turnover woes throughout the early parts of the regular season.

The city of Philadelphia has been calling for a change at quarterback all season long, and it seemed like the fans had finally got their wish. But not so fast.

I never understand why NFL fans become so anxious to push aside a proven veteran who is struggling, just to start a rookie with no experience. Of course sometimes it can work out in a team’s favor, but usually it takes a while for a rookie to develop, and a lot of the time they are just never good enough to compete in the professional ranks.

Vick has certainly become a lot less turnover-prone in recent weeks while he has just 4 total turnovers in his last 4 games (2 interceptions, 2 lost fumbles), after amassing a horrid 9 total turnovers (6 interceptions, 3 lost fumbles) in the first 3 games of the season.

These statistics prove that Vick has been much more of a scapegoat in recent weeks, as opposed to the actual problem for the Eagles.

Vick has had trouble racking up yardage and putting points on the board all season, but in reality the entire offense is responsible for that. WR Jeremy Maclin, WR DeSean Jackson and all of the Eagles’ receivers have lackluster yards after catch averages to this point, and RB LeSean McCoy has been terrible in the rushing game for the past several weeks.

Foles will understandably stay on the pine for the foreseeable future, until Vick has a truly awful game or the Eagles are completely out of the playoff race.

Now please Coach Reid, stick with your decision for the sake of NFL writers everywhere.


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