NFL Rumors: What do the Denver Broncos do with DJ Williams?


DJ Williams is scheduled to come off of the suspended list and rejoin the Denver Broncos in two weeks, but the question is what the Broncos do with him. Three weeks ago it looked like the Broncos were in desperate need of Williams’ services, but not anymore.

The linebackers for the Broncos are playing fantastic and taking any of them out of the lineup now, and you risk messing up the obvious chemistry that has developed over the past couple of weeks. The conventional wisdom was that Williams would replace Wesley Woodyard, but there’s no way the Broncos are going to take Woodyard out of the lineup. He is probably going to be named the AFC defensive player of the week for his performance versus the New Orleans Saints and has been one of the best players on that defense.

Williams can play the middle linebacker but the Broncos defense really started to take off when Keith Brooking was inserted into the starting lineup, so does it make sense to take Brooking out? The only other spot is occupied by Von Miller and he’s not going anywhere.

In addition to the question of who would Williams replace, there’s also the question of chemistry. It’s quite obvious that the defense is coming together and messing with that now would be foolish, and could cause problems in the locker room. The players would not say it publically but they would have every right to question why a player who hasn’t been here in two months automatically gets his job back.

The Denver Broncos are really starting to develop something special on the defensive side of the ball, and they have done it without Williams. The only role for Williams has to be to provide depth in case of an injury, but even in that role he should not be taking away playing time from Danny Trevathan. The rookie is starting to play well and the Broncos need him to continue to develop.

In a perfect world the Broncos would just release Williams but he will provide depth and with the loss of Joe Mays to a season ending injury, that depth is important. The best thing Williams can do is earn the respect of his teammates again; come in, work hard, keep his mouth shut and don’t rock the boat. That may sound harsh but he brought all of this on himself.

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