Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Gives QB Michael Vick a Vote of Confidence

By Joe Doris
Jennifer Stewart-US Presswire

It is typically a cause for concern when you hear that Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson is blabbing to the media, but this morning he was saying all the right things.

In the midst of a slew of questions regarding Eagles QB Michael Vick’s status as a starter, Jackson gave his quarterback nothing but praise and understanding. Jackson even said that he thinks Vick is “still an elite quarterback in this football league,” which is something that has been questioned as of late.

“You can’t never blame it on one man,” said Jackson. I will pardon the double negative in this case, DeSean, because I know your heart was in the right place.

But Jackson is right.

When an NFL team starts to crumble, there is always a scapegoat, and usually that man is the starting quarterback unless there is a glaring hole in the team somewhere else.

As I have said previously, Vick is not having an impressive season so far by any means, but he is without a doubt improving. This is something that most fans are refusing to recognize.

Even though the Eagles are a dreadful 1-3 in their past four games, Vick has thrown six touchdown passes compared to only two interceptions, and has also run for 41.5 yards per game in these contests. He has also drastically minimized his overall turnovers as he has just four total turnovers in his past four match-ups, as opposed to nine total turnovers throughout his first three games.

Jackson also said that he has heard nothing from head coach Andy Reid that would lead him to believe Vick has lost the starting job.

“As far as I know right now, Michael Vick is going to be the quarterback,” said Jackson during an interview on ESPN Radio. “I haven’t heard of changes or anything like that.”

It is refreshing to hear Jackson supporting his quarterback, considering the wide-out has been known in the past for his selfishness and accusatory ways. Jackson has really seemed to have matured a lot this season, as he has stayed out of the media’s spotlight and has quietly produced for his team.

Jackson has not yet shown his usual explosiveness so far this season, but he has been much more consistent in the receiving game than in recent years. Jackson has totaled at least four catches and no less than 58 yards receiving in all but one game this season.

Hopefully for the Eagles, Jackson’s public confidence in his quarterback will be the spark that Vick needs to start leading his team to victory.

Because as of now, Vick’s starting status is certainly dwindling on a week by week basis.


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