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Rex Ryan Needs to Go


Rex Ryan‘s act is wearing thin with the New York Jets and around the NFL. Obviously, when a team is winning, you can look past a coach’s antics. Just ask Mike Ditka. I grew up as a Chicago Bears fan with Ditka (and Rex’s father Buddy Ryan). When the Bears were winning, his press conferences and comments were amusing. But when the team started losing, it became old fast.

I enjoyed Ryan on HBO’s Hard Knocks. At the same time, I found him to be a windbag and completely full of himself. This season, his players are finally tired of his act. This is usually the case with guys like Ryan. During the good times, everyone wants to be a part of the fun. But you find yourself alone when the poop hits the fan.

The latest insult to Ryan was a 30-9 loss at home to the Miami Dolphins. Considering that many experts (and non-experts like me) thought the Dolphins would be one of the league’s worst teams, this is a telling moment for the Jets. Ryan has lost complete control of his team and the only way to salvage any hope for the future is to give Ryan his walking papers. In addition to the total poisoning of quarterback Mark Sanchez, his ill-conceived idea of bringing Tim Tebow in for certain plays is football ignorance at its best. The franchise invested a ton of money in Sanchez, so having his coach poison the kid’s future is just plain dumb.

With the right coach, I still believe Sanchez has the talent to be a good quarterback. But having a coach on the sideline using a glorified running back as motivation just kills any of Sanchez’s confidence. As we’ve seen at points this season, when Sanchez is able to actually quarterback his team, he has the talent. But having to look over his shoulder constantly is hindering his development.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a Bears fan. One of the things I like and respect about Lovie Smith is his demeanor. No matter how good or bad things are going with the Bears, he always carries himself with class. If you look at last Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, as bad as the Bears played for 58 minutes, he kept things calm and found a way to win in the end. I am not sure if a Ryan team responds in the same fashion. It is time for the Jets to calm the storm. And this starts with a new head coach.

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