Something Stinks in Kansas City

By Marc Jenkins
Romeo Crennel Can't Seem to Figure Things Out in Kansas City
John Rieger-US Presswire

If you were to drive through the city of Kansas City, MO on either interstate 70 or 435 then I’m quite sure you notice a certain stench in the air. That foul smell isn’t one that you find while driving on the New Jersey Turnpike between exits eight through 12, that’s due to the factories located throughout that strip that produce tons of different chemicals which gives off that odor.

The smell isn’t even like the one that you can smell on Interstate 95 in Richmond, VA home to several tobacco plants which also gives off a disgusting stench. No, the foul aroma in Kansas City is coming from Arrowhead Stadium solely and it  smells like the worst team in the NFL.

So far this season the Kansas City Chiefs have gotten off to a 1-6 record and in the process of doing so have lost five of their six games this season by 10 points or more, including Sunday’s 26-16 to the Oakland Raiders.

It is a perplexing situation for the Chiefs because while no one truly expected much out of this team heading into the season once you sit down and breakdown their statistics on the season there is truly no definite answer as to what the problem is for Romeo Crennel’s team.

The Chiefs offense ranks 12th in total offensive yards gained per game (367.3 yards), 22nd in passing yards gained per game (212.1 yards), third in rushing yards gained game (155.1 yards) and tied for 28th with the Philadelphia Eagles in points scored per game (17.1 points). Their defense ranks 18th in total offensive yards allowed per game (348.7 yards), 11th in passing yards allowed per game (222.3 yards), 23rd in rushing yards allowed per game (126.4 yards) and 29th in points allowed per game (29.9 points).

There aren’t too many occasions when a team is amongst the top three teams in the NFL in rushing yards gained per game and are allowing fewer than 250 passing yards per game produce a 1-6 record; it just doesn’t happen on a regular basis. One of the Chiefs’ glaring issues is the turnover situation in which they lead the league with 25 giveaways (13 interceptions and 12 fumbles lost) on the season and are also ranked last in giveaway/takeaway ratio with a -18 on the year. If you can’t hold on to the ball and give your offense a chance to score then you’ll lose more often than not. If you can’t keep your defense from protecting the endzone with their backs constantly against the wall due to turnovers then there is a good chance that you won’t win.

In the Chiefs sole victory this season (defeated the New Orleans Saints 27-24) it took an incredible game from running back Jamal Charles (33 carries for 233 yards and a TD) and an overtime period in order for Kansas City to finally bring joy to themselves and their fans; but it didn’t take long for that foul smell to return. Charles has produced a solid season so far rushing for 595 yards and two touchdowns on 120 carries but besides him and wideout Dwayne Bowe (who has requested a trade already this season and has caught 37 receptions for 492 yards and 3 TD this year) no one else is truly putting forth any true effort to turn things around.

The quarterback situation is a complete mess with Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn playing a rousing game of QB musical chairs due to concussions and lack of quality play behind center. Cassel has passed for 1,368 yards, six touchdowns, 10 interceptions and completed just 59.7% of his attempts this season receiving the majority of snaps this year while Quinn in his limited role has passed for 213 yards, not a single touchdown, three interceptions and completed just 59.1% of his attempts. Where is Kyle Orton when the Chiefs truly need him? If Orton was there I bet things wouldn’t be as grim as they currently are; one thing that should be certain is if these two don’t get something positive going soon there will be a Ricky Stanzi sighting soon.

If the Chiefs were hoping that their schedule would save them then they should toss another penny in a pond and wish for something else because they have some tough battles up ahead. The Chiefs still must play at San Diego, at Pittsburgh, vs Cincinnati, vs Denver, vs Indianapolis and at Denver.  Carolina, Cleveland and Oakland are also on their schedule but they actually have a shot at winning those games. However, based on the way things are looking and smelling in Kansas City they’ll find a way to lose those games as well and end up 1-15 for the season.

Chiefs fans need to start attending every game with some type of air freshener because the smell isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Crennel isn’t the problem, however it is some of the players who they have on the roster who are expected to be star players but unfortunately for their sakes and the team’s as well just can’t. That begins with Cassel and trickles down through the locker room to some of the other disappointments who occupy that area with their quarterback.

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