Tennessee Titans Week 9 Roster cuts: Are they preparing for a trade?

By Stephanie Umek
Alterraun Verner and Jordan Babineaux

Just because it’s the middle of the season doesn’t mean changes aren’t going to be made. In fact with the way the team has been playing, changes are almost a must for the Tennessee Titans.

This afternoon the team released defensive back Tracy Wilson. In the NFL, it’s real life. Things happen quickly, Wilson was just signed from the practice squad on Friday. The organization also released a statement that they plan on signing guard Kyle DeVan given that he can successfully pass a physical.

The Titans also opened up more room on Friday by putting Javon Ringer on the injured reserve, but due to other position injuries they had no choice. In regards to rookie quarterback Jake Locker coming back anytime soon, probably not. He is still the “starter” but he has a new diagnosis of shoulder fracture. Verses the initial diagnosis of a separated shoulder.

With some availability on the roster it leads many people to believe that they could be preparing for a trade. But the question is for who? Every team was bought a little extra time thanks to Hurricane Sandy on the northeast coast, could this be the Titans chance?

To me, the struggles are with inconsistency. Any person could tell you that. When you have players like Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, and Jared Cook, it’s hard to believe that the Titans are not right up there with the Houston Texans like they were last year.

Inconsistency is killing them week by week and they need to make a change. They need at least one wide out that is going to grab 150 plus yards every game. They need a running back that can break away from those big tackles and come up strong.

As far as the rumors and a trade for tight end Jared Cook, you may not want to hold your breath for Cook to be going anywhere. Head coach Mike Munchak has certainly made it clear he wants to do what he can to make him stay. Plus some sources are now saying that Cook’s agent asked for the trade without consent from the veteran tight end.

With the Titans prepared to host the 6-1 Chicago Bears this coming Sunday, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make some moves by Thursday. Jay Cutler and his crew are hungry this season and are taking down anyone that gets in their way.

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