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5 Trades the Buffalo Bills Should Consider

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5 Trades for the Buffalo Bills to Consider

Buffalo Bills
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The trade dead line has been extended to Thursday due to weather conditions from Hurricane Sandy. It seems to be a quiet trade deadline around the NFL but the Buffalo Bills could take advantage of some opportunities. The Bills have disappointed thus far, as they were expected to make a run at the playoffs, but while still in the running, it seems like a long shot and fans have already given up hope and started calling out Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix.

One thing that we know for sure is that the Bills will not make coaching changes until the end of the season. It isn’t in their nature and it has never been a philosophy in Buffalo to end a coach’s job until the season is over. So people can stop putting Chan’s head on a bulls-eye and yelling in the stands to fire him, because it isn’t going to happen.

With that being said, there are some areas of need that could be fixed with adequate use of the trade deadline. Buddy Nix has been very vocal all along that he is not very high on trading picks and likes to stand pat in the draft, but this year, the air is a little tenser and jobs may be on the line. Desperation may throw old philosophies to the wind.

This is the year to take advantage of a weak division and conference and if the Bills fail to earn a playoff spot, Buffalo will remain a laughing stock and Bills fans may be standing outside of the stadium with pitchforks and fire blowing torches. Take a look at some trades that could immediately help this team and keep their playoff hopes alive.

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Dwayne Bowe

Buffalo Bills
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Rumors have been circulating through the league that wide receiver Dwayne Bowe is unhappy in Kansas City and wants out. The Kansas City Chiefs are poised to be one of the bottom teams of the league and it doesn’t look to improve much with the issues at quarterback either. Bowe has rounded up 492 yards and brought in three touchdowns, being one of the only bright spots of this team.

After Bills wide receiver, David Nelson, was placed on injured reserve, the defense has struggled to replace his play making ability. Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler have tried their hardest, but another option would really help keep defense’s guessing.

Most likely, the asking price is too high for Buffalo to climb, especially with Bowe becoming a free agent in 2013, but it is hard to grasp just how desperate this team is. I didn’t think they would spend $100 million on anyone, but they did.

Most likely, the asking price is too high for Buffalo to climb, especially with Bowe becoming a free agent in 2013, but it is hard to grasp just how desperate this team is. I didn’t think they would spend $100 million on anyone, but they did.

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Bart Scott

Buffalo Bills
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The Bills defense was feared by many to be one of the best in the league, but after 8 weeks, running backs ad quarterbacks are building their resumes and posting big bragging rights numbers against this team. While Bart Scott can be a loose cannon, something needs to give and some emotion may be just enough to help this team.

If Mario Williams says his wrist is already feeling better and that his performance should improve, than fixing the linebacker position is a must for this team, and it needs to be fixed now. Nick Barnett and Kelvin Sheppard have been soft and being beat in every direction. It’s clear that Scott and Rex Ryan don’t get along together well and it is because they both have egotistical attitudes. I can deal with some egotism in a locker room if it means shutting down another team and keeping the game alive.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult for Buffalo to grab him because of his large contract that they would have to fulfill, which is probably the main reason that he hasn’t been picked up yet, as he has been seeking a trade since the end of last season. Scott signed a $48 million contract signed in 2009 for six years. It is unlikely Buffalo would pick up the remaining contract but with a linebacker group as bad as Buffalo, paying the money may be the only way to get themselves out of the hole they have dug.

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Brandon Lloyd

Buffalo Bills
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Long shot to hope that New England Patriot’s head coach, Bill Belichick would trade anyone to a divisional team, but you never know. The Bills need another veteran receiver to help out the young group who are still learning the offense. Lloyd would be a more realistic option for Buffalo than Bowe would be because of asking price and because the Bills already have a number one receiver in Johnson.

New England has options with two strong tight ends, Wes Welker and it is obvious, that when not injured, the Patriots are trying to make room for Julian Edelman. Options for Lloyd in New England are slim and he would be better utilized elsewhere. Buffalo could really put a spark in the offense without breaking the bank with this trade.

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Mike Jenkins

Buffalo Bills
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Since the Bills thought it would be wise to trade linebacker Paul Posluszny and get rid of Drayton Florence, whether the staff would like to admit it or not, the team has been struggling to fill the voids since both have since moved on. While Bart Scott would be a reach, the Bills could find a lower pay out to piece together what could be a great defense potentially. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link, and it looks like Aaron Williams is this year’s goat, unfairly.

Currently, opposing offenses are taking control of the cornerback situation in Buffalo. The team is starting a rookie and sophomore tandem that both are struggling, Williams, more than first round pick Stephon Gilmore. It has been rumored that the Dallas Cowboys could potentially give away cornerback Mike Jenkins for a fourth round pick. With newly drafted Morris Claiborne fitting in nicely, Jenkins is worthy of being traded if the Cowboys can gain something from it.

This would not be a long term solution for the Bills but a veteran cornerback would have really helped the young corners out and it shows in their play on the field. Jenkins is playing in his fifth season on Dallas and while not one of the best, anything seems to better than the current situation.

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Kirk Cousins

Buffalo Bills
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Don’t go laughing just yet. The Washington Redskins shocked everyone this year by picking both Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. If RGIII ended up being a flop, then it would have made sense. I think most would agree that RGIII is doing just fine and Cousins could be traded to add some picks to the Redskins who gave up everything to land their franchise quarterback.

During his pre-season game against the Chicago Bears, he threw for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns, in the second half. The Redskins acquired him in the fourth round and if I were them, I would be sending film of that game around the league this week.

I say this pick only because I am not very confident that the Bills will give it all away to trade up for a quarterback and it looks like the bottom feeders of the league, Kansas City, Jacksonville Jaguars, possibly the Cleveland Browns, will also be looking at quarterback and the Bills will end in fashionable style around their typical 7-9, giving them a worthless pick, and if they truly will not trade up in the draft than this is definitely a trade to consider.

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