Carolina Panthers are Headed in a Scary Direction

By Robert Kester
Bob Donnan-US Presswire

Scary as in bad, the Carolina Panthers have gone beyond falling short of expectations in 2012. Instead, it feels like the Panthers have begun to take on a culture of losing, a terrifying result stemming from a 9-30 record since 2010.

A franchise once laden with hard hitters and clutch performers, the Panthers are far from wreaking havoc on anyone in the NFL and are now beginning to unravel at the core.

The current Panthers could use an edge, but even that might not be enough. With a 1-6 record on the season, Carolina has all but lost it’s once fearsome image and it could prove difficult to reclaim.

Following Sunday’s back-breaking loss to the Chicago Bears, veteran wide receiver Steve Smith voiced his frustration with the direction the Panthers are headed.

Smith telling the Charlotte Observer post game, “There is a tradition growing here and I’m not sure which way this tradition is going.”

It’s clear Carolina’s once proud tradition is heading south of putting fear in anyone’s mind, which in and of itself is pretty scary.

However, times haven’t always been great in Carolina. The Panthers have endured plenty of rough patches in the past. Although, it seems this rough patch won’t go away. The losing continues despite the fact that Carolina has talented players on both sides of the football.

So, of course it’s frustrating to watch, but only one thing can solve the chilling path the Panthers are headed down, and that one thing is winning. Obvious, but winning hasn’t been easy for the Panthers in recent history.

If a major turnaround doesn’t happen soon, then look for both coaches and players to be let go once this season wraps up, making way for team owner Jerry Richardson to start a franchise re-building process. A dreadful process indeed, but a direction the Panthers could be taking sooner rather than later.

Robert Kester, Carolina Panthers Columnist. Contact @robertkester1.

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