Is Talk of Benching Michael Vick Warranted By Philadelphia Eagles?

Howard Smith- US PRESSWIRE

There is talk that the Philadelphia Eagles may bench quarterback Michael Vick. Head coach Andy Reid has not said as much. When he was asked in his press conference Sunday whether he was considering it, Reid said that he was going to evaluate everything after the Eagles 30-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Vick himself said that he would understand if Reid benched him.

When it comes to replacing someone the question must always be asked, ‘Is the person who will take over better than who we already have?’ If they are not, then you do not make the move.

If Philadelphia feels that backup quarterback Nick Foles can do a better job than Vick he should get the chance to prove it. If he can not than Vick should remain at quarterback. This is a question that only Reid and his assistants can answer. They know their personnel better than anyone who blogs or calls in to talk radio.

The reason why the Eagles may be considering benching Vick is, because their record is 3-4. Philadelphia has lost their last three games. On Sunday, Reid lost for the first time coming off of a bye week. The Eagles did not play well and were never really in the game.

Part of the problem in Philadelphia is the play of Vick. Some of it is the defense. The coaching staff has to take some of the blame also.

Vick has to be faulted for not taking care of the football. He has accounted for 17 turnovers this season. Vick has thrown eight interceptions and fumbled nine times. This is an average of over two turnovers a game which is unacceptable at the quarterback position.

The defense is to blame for not being able to stop teams when they need to. Reid acknowledged this when he fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo after the sixth game of the season. The Eagles defense will be a problem all season as Sunday against Atlanta showed.

Reid and his staff have not had the best of seasons. It has been a difficult one for the head coach. He lost his son Garrett Reid during training camp. Owner Jeffrey Lurie has stated publicly that Reid may not be asked back next season. Maybe some of this is on Reid’s mind.

Still, at 3-4 the Eagles are not out of the playoff race. They may be three games behind the first place New York Giants in the NFC East, but with nine games to play can make a run at the division. Philadelphia still has five division games left. It would be asking a lot to win them all, but is possible.

With so much football left to play the Eagles have to ask if benching Vick is the right move. If Foles does not give them a better chance of winning than it is not.

No matter what Philadelphia’s problems are they have to give themselves the best chance of winning. This means putting the best quarterback on the field whether it is Vick or someone else.

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