Jacksonville Jaguars Should Trade For Tim Tebow

By Timothy Holland

The Jacksonville Jaguars should trade for New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. What do they have to lose?

The Jaguars currently stand at 1-6. They are in the AFC South cellar a full six games behind the first place Houston Texans. Jacksonville has absolutely no chance of making the playoffs. The only thing that they are playing for is draft position.

While the Jaguars record is bad it is not their main problem. Jacksonville is considered the least marketable and relevant franchise in the NFL. The only star that they have is halfback Maurice Jones-Drew. He is out indefinitely with a foot injury. The Jaguars drafted quarterback Blaine Gabbert with their first pick in 2011, but he has yet to create any excitement.

The Jaguars should trade for Tebow, because he is no worse than who they already have at quarterback. Though there are those who feel Tebow is not a quarterback it is the position he plays best. There is no use playing him at tight end, fullback or on special teams as the Jets are doing with him right now. The only thing that he is good at is quarterback.

With Jacksonville, Tebow would get a clean slate. He could start over again without the intense scrutiny that comes with playing in New York. The Jaguars could take their time in developing him, because they are at rock bottom.

Another reason why the trade should be made is because Tebow is a local boy. He played his high school football right outside of Jacksonville in Ponte Vedra. Then he won the Heisman Trophy as a member of the Florida Gators. The people in Jacksonville absolutely love him. They would fill Everbank Stadium just to see if Tebow could pull off the same magic that he did with Florida and the Denver Broncos.

Let’s face it. The NFL is entertainment. Sure the games are what matters most, but without the entertainment surrounding it half of the league’s fan base would not exist. If there is one team that has no entertainment value outside of their city it is the Jaguars. Bringing Tebow aboard would change all of that.

If this were the NBA Tebow would have never made it out of the state of Florida. He would have been drafted by the Jaguars, Miami Dolphins or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It would have been too much of a perfect fit. The NFL does not work that way. They feel as though their teams can survive without the star system. This may be true in some places, but not Jacksonville.

Tebow to the Jaguars makes too much sense. The deal should be done today.

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