Jacksonville Jaguars Tim Tebow Trade Rumors Totally False

New York Jets Tim Tebow

At this point it seems that any time New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow and the Jacksonville Jaguars are mentioned in the same sentence, a new trade rumor emerges.

The latest rumor was sparked early Wednesday morning after Tebow was spotted out in his hometown of Jacksonville during the Jets bye week, prompting a local FM radio station to report that the Jaguars and Jets were engaged in trade discussion involving the former University of Florida quarterback.

That report was immediately squashed by almost every major sports media network.

The Jaguars made an attempt to acquire Tebow this past offseason in a trade with the Denver Broncos, but when both the Jaguars and Jets made similar offers Tebow chose the Jets. Tebow, who still believes he can play quarterback in the NFL, expressed that he felt he had a better chance to play quarterback with the Jets.

Tebow has yet to see any significant playing time this season in the Jets offense which had sparked reports that he may be looking for another trade.

The Jaguars would not be a good fit for Tebow if he is looking for playing time at quarterback, however. The Jaguars are concerned with the development of their own quarterback Blaine Gabbert, so if Tebow were indeed to come to Jacksonville he would spend most of his time on the sidelines.

Most in the national media suggest that bringing Tebow in would instantly solve the Jaguars mythical ticket sales issue. The truth is that the Jaguars have not blacked a game out since 2009, and people in Jacksonville are not going to buy tickets just to see Tebow stand on the sidelines with a clipboard.

It appears that as long as Tebow is in the NFL, Jaguars fans will have to continue to endure these rumors.