Mario Williams reunion isn’t only one in Houston this weekend

By Christyne Polle
Wade Phillips defensive coordinator
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This week the Buffalo Bills head into Houston to take on the Houston Texans and Mario Williamsisn’t the only one who will be hashing up old memories against his former team. The Bills will be going up against former head coach, Wade Phillips, who is the Texans defensive coordinator, and says he has some tricks planned for the Bills offense.

Phillips was head coach and Vice President of football operation in Buffalo from 1998-2000 and the last time the Bills have seen the playoffs was under Phillips in both 1998 and 1999. As much as Bills fans hate to admit it, Phillips is missed around Orchard Park.

His record as head coach was 29-19, which is something that coaches after him have been unable to match. Since Phillips left Buffalo, Bills head coaches have failed to attain a winning record overall. The best record since Phillips for a Bills head coach is Mike Mularkeywhose record was 14-18 in two seasons with the Bills.

At the time, Buffalo had high expectations as they tried to build a team similar to the Super Bowl years of the early 90’s. His final fate was the epic “Music City Miracle,” which sealed his fate and opinions of him that he was never going to live down.

Many were happy to show Wade the door at the end of the 2000 season but in hindsight, it seems to have been a costly mistake and the Bills have never been the same team. Teams coached under Phillips sent players to the Pro-Bowl regularly and now the Bills are lucky to have one selected per year.

Under Phillips, the Bills defense ranked sixth, first and third overall in the NFL during his three years as head coach. Now, the Bills head into Houston to play one of the topped rank defenses in the league, third overall matter of fact. They also rank fourth against the run and fifth against the pass. I wouldn’t admit this to anyone if I were the Bills coaching staff, but something tells me they will be taking notes this weekend as Phillips hands Buffalo another blow-out loss. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

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