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New York Giants’ Small Moves Making Big Difference


Jerry Reese of the New York Giants continues to show why he’s one of if not the best General Managers in the NFL. It’s not always about the big, sexy free agent signings that help you win games. (Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles) It’s about the little free agent signings you make, that you get right and help your team produce.

In 2007 one of the few free agents they signed was Kawika Mitchell. Mitchell had a great year for the Giants with 76 tackles and had one of the most famous plays of that year’s super bowl on the blitz where he faked one way and then came through clean and sacked Tom Brady. In 2010, Victor Cruz was signed as an undrafted free agent. While he got hurt in 2010, we all know what he did last year and continues to do.

This year’s stealthy pickup has been Stevie Brown. All Brown has done whether it’s been on special teams or subbing for Kenny Phillips. Brown has 34 tackles and five interceptions so far this year. When Phillips returns, the Giants can adopt their nickel package which can move Antrel Rolle in the slot and have Brown and Phillips patrol the back end. In fact, with some of the coverage issues they’ve had on the outside, they might be very wise in doing so.

When you are watching what your team does during the off-season, look at all the moves, not just the big ones. It’s the little ones that can make or break your season. Just ask the New York Giants.