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NFL Rumors: Hurricane Sandy Moves Back Trade Deadline, Could the New York Jets Trade Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow

Debbie Wong-US Presswire

The NFL chose to extend the trade deadline due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy this week. There was a tremendous amount of speculation about whether or not that would mean that more teams would try and use the opportunity to make a trade to improve their football team. For the most part, as with most seasons the trades have been quiet. But there is a rumor swirling that the Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to make a move to acquire New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

In the offseason, before Tebow made the move to the Jets, the Jaguars were in the discussion as well, but most assumed that was created by the fan base and not ownership. They already had a young quarterback in Blaine Gabbert who only had one year under his belt, and it was too soon to give up on his development. Along with that there were comments from Tebow indicating that New York was exactly where he wanted to go, so the Denver Broncos obliged him and shipped him off to the Big Apple, where things have gone less than perfect.

But now, with the trade deadline looming, and the Jaguars in a situation where they need to inspire their football team and their fans, would they make a move for Tebow?

I was shocked they didn’t do this earlier, so the idea they are entertaining the idea now is no shock to me. Gabbert had a 300-yard passing game last week, but he’s dealing with some injuries and any quarterback on a bad team is closer to being injured than anyone cares to admit. Adding Tebow to the mix to a Florida football team would seem to be something that would really energize a frustrated and dejected fan base. Is Tebow a better quarterback than Gabbert? Probably not, but that’s not what this is about.

And of course in typical New York style, they have denied that there are any conversations at all with Jacksonville, while sources in Florida report discussions are taking place. If I am a betting man, I think the discussions are happening, but nothing gets done by the deadline. I don’t think with the way quarterback Mark Sanchez has been playing the Jets can afford to let Tebow go. If they wanted to deal him they should have done so early before everything started melting down. You can’t trade him now when he might be your best option to win down the stretch.

Will Tebow get moved? We’ll find out pretty quickly, but I don’t think it’s likely. Come find me on Twitter @nfldraftboard and let me know what you think.