NFL Rumors: Will Oakland Raiders trade Richard Seymour?

By Jeremy Hayes
Kirby Lee- US Presswire


Will the Oakland Raiders cut ties with defensive lineman Richard Seymour?

When Seymour was traded by the New England Patriotsplenty of Raider fans believed they had a steal. The compensation was for a draft pick that the Patriots used to acquire left tackle Nate Solder. Seymour has recorded 15.5 sacks as a Raider for the past three years, and so far has three sacks in seven games.

It seems like the whole Raider season can be described in the phrase of “waiting to get started,” because it seems that the Raiders are still waiting for certain positions to get kick started. Tommy Kelly and Seymour seem to have been having an under-productive first half of the year, and honestly, neither are worth the amount of money they are making.

The best move for the Raiders would be to try and trade away a player like Seymour, so they can clear room for better players or even a more expensive player at a different position. Let someone else deal with paying $7.5 million until 2017.

The Raiders have so many little problems that are creating havoc as far as week by week analysis. This trade would only solve one problem for the future, but the Raiders may need to make a few more moves before this season ends. They are on a two-game win streak, and sit at (3-4), but if they start to slide more, the Raiders could see everything shake.

No position is safe right now, they need to just keep winning games.

Hey, Raider Nation . . . is Greg Knapp next on the hot seat?

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