NFL Week 9: Titans Vs. Bears Preview

By Stephanie Umek
Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans

The last time that the Tennessee Titans played host to the Chicago Bears was in 2004. The game ended with a safety in overtime, and the Bears prevailed 19-17 over the Titans.

This season, the Titans will welcome one of the best teams in the opposing conference during week nine. The Chicago Bears have such a good amount of talent, and it has really started with the friendship between Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. After being away from each other for a few years, they have rekindled the fire and combined for some great numbers up for Chicago.

If the Titans can keep the differential of the game close, I will be impressed. They have played more overtime games this year than they have since 2008. In the end, however, it always comes down to who has that mental ability to go that extra mile.

I’m not saying that I expect this game to go into overtime, though; the Titans will be lucky if this isn’t another blowout win by a NFC team. Unlike Cutler and Marshall, Matt Hasselbeck is still having some trouble with consistently finding his receivers.

Kendall Wright is a complete wild card, but when he shows up – boy is he something special to watch. Chris Johnson, of course, is the same way. Last week Johnson returned to his routine playing pace of under 100 yards per game.

I think the best bet for the Titans this week will be to go to Nate Washington, especially if the passes to Johnson are not successful. There is no messing with this Bears defense this year – Brian Urlacher is taking absolutely no prisoners.

It is also going to depend too a lot on what actually happens with Jared Cook. Rumors of a trade request have been all but confirmed, but tomorrow will be the last day to do anything about it. It would be huge for him to stay with Tennessee, and the coaches have made it very clear that they want him around.

The bottom line of this week nine matchup is that the Titans need to overcome their inconsistency. They can be a good team. They can be a playoff contender – but they are going up against a Bears team that has everything together.

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