NFL Rumors: Possible moves for Tampa Bay Buccaneers at trade deadline

By Ryan Terrana

The NFL trade deadline is set to take place Thursday. While it was originally scheduled to take place on Tuesday, the terrible storm that hit the east coast pushed the deadline back by two days.

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not been active in years, they have been before. They made a move when Carnell Williams was injured to get Michael Bennett back in 2007. There are a couple moves though that the Buccaneers could make this year.

The first one is trading away LeGarrette Blount. While he has been quiet as of late, Blount was very vocal in the off-season about the Buccaneers selecting a running back high. Its evident why, as he has lost his starting job and relegated to short yardage duties.

The problem with that is he isn’t very good at short yardage situations. Despite being 250 pounds he lacks the decision making, quickness and leg drive to get the tough yards. That combined with the stellar play of rookie Doug Martin makes Blount expendable.

Next the Buccaneers can look into bringing in some cornerback help. They have been torched through the air all year. Add in that they might have a suspension coming for Eric Wright in addition to the one that Aqib Talib is currently serving.

The first guy that comes to mind that could help is Mike Jenkins from the Dallas Cowboys. The Florida native was a star at local college Southern Florida, and had a good following of fans already in Tampa from his college days. He has become lady in the depth chart in Dallas and in a contract year which means he is most likely leaving Dallas at the end of the year anyways.

The Buccaneers should seriously consider investing a mid-round draft pick to acquire him from the Cowboys. While Jenkins will be a free agent after the season, so will Talib. Having Jenkins return home could help him return to the pro bowl level he played at in 2010, and help with contract negotiations. At the worst the Buccaneers could make a conditional trade based on him re-signing with Tampa.

While I don’t think either move will be made, there is no knowing what general manager Mark Dominik might do. Remember that he has already traded two players before the season began, and isn’t afraid to make moves.

Dominik values draft picks, and thinks highly of each one, as he demonstrated last year to navigate up and down the draft. This is something Buccaneer fans should keep in mind as the trade deadline approaches.

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