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Tony Romo, Interceptions and All, Will be Dallas Cowboys’ Starting QB in 2013

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Every year around this time, rumors start floating and folks start speculating about the Dallas Cowboys parting ways with Tony Romo. Every one of those “reports” are a bunch of hogwash. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Well, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has said over and over that Romo is and will be his quarterback for “a long, long time.” So these folks who think Romo will be gone must be insane.

Jones’ mood and decisions change like the wind regarding everything with his team except for one thing: Romo. He swore (both ways) and vowed that he wouldn’t fire Wade Phillips before the end of the 2008 season, but he did. He’s said multiple times that he would never do anything to hurt his team, but that’s pretty much a daily accomplishment for Jones. However, no matter how bad Romo’s stats look (notice that didn’t say how bad Romo plays), Jones has never so much as criticized his quarterback, much less even hinted that he might be thinking about going in a different direction regarding that position.

Even though then-Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells was the one who “found” Romo in 2003, Jones takes credit for discovering his quarterback, which is why he refuses to give up on him. However, Romo isn’t the one on which Jones should be giving up, but that’s a different Rant.

What about the stats, you ask? Those aren’t being hidden at all. The Cowboys were 3-4 after seven games in 2011, just like now. At this point in the season, Romo had 11 touchdown passes and seven interceptions. This year, Romo has only nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions. The kicker is nine of Romo’s interceptions in 2012 came in just two games. Otherwise, he’s had a decent year.

The blame for Romo’s turnovers has been spread everywhere from Romo himself, to the Cowboys’ receivers, to their offensive line, to head coach Jason Garrett and even to Jones. The true answer? All of the above.


Romo is not Peyton Manning, a quarterback who can put an entire team on his back every single game, and he never will be. The Cowboys cannot keep treating him as such. The Cowboys have an excellent tandem of running backs in starter DeMarco Murray, young studs in Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar and inconsistent lightning rod Felix Jones. There is absolutely no reason why Garrett should call 62 pass plays in a single game. None. Yet that’s exactly what happened during Dallas’ 29-24 loss to the New York Giants in Week 8.

Romo is very good at sliding around in the pocket and he does hold onto the ball too long on occasion, but he frequently has to get rid of it before he’s ready due to the Cowboys’ horrific offensive line, which is even worse at this point in 2012 as it was last year. Add on Garrett’s moronic play-calling and the fact receivers like Dez Bryant don’t know what routes to run on any given play and there’s no wonder why Romo’s stat lines haven’t been perfect.

Jones made it clear in February he would be extending Romo’s contract, which is currently set to expire after the 2013 season. Thus, Romo will be the Cowboys’ quarterback for the 2013 season and at least three more after that, no matter who likes it or not. Right now, there are no better options for Dallas. The Cowboys are not going to have a top three draft pick they can use on a new franchise quarterback like the USC TrojansMatt Barkley, so Romo is by far the best option at this point. If the Cowboys had the opportunity to improve at the quarterback position, one would hope they would take advantage of it, but they wouldn’t. Regardless, there are so many more glaring needs on this team that need to be addressed. No, Romo is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but you try playing quarterback for this mind-numbingly brainless team before laying all the blame on him.

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