Trick-or-Treat: Surprises and Disappointments for the Oakland Raiders

By Jeremy Hayes
Raider Nation
Kirby Lee- US Presswire

The Oakland Raiders (3-4) have had a rocky season so far, and on Halloween day, we examine the tricks and the treats of their season so far.

The trick. Every team in the NFL has high hopes about one aspect of their team, but then they learn that their hope is a bust instead. There is a different aspect that comes out of nowhere to be a delightful surprise. The treat.

The Raider Nation has been tricked into thinking that they would have a strong running game. Point the fingers where ever you want, fact of the matter is is that they are 30th in the league for rushing yards per game, and starting running back Darren McFadden has still only scored two touchdowns the whole first half of the season. Is it the offensive line? Running backs? Coaching staff? Whatever the problem, the Raiders were tricked into thinking they would have a dominant rushing attack, and they have had very disappointing results.

The main reason the Raiders have three wins is because of the surprisingly well passing game by Carson Palmer. Say what you want, but Palmer has put up numbers that have opened up a more balanced offense, they just need better play calling and decision making, but Palmer is giving the team plenty of hope to try and get to a .500 record. The treat of the team winning games is fantastic, they are not at the bottom of the barrel anymore, so they need to play it week-by-week.



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