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10 Solutions for the Chicago Bears Offense

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10 Solutions for the Chicago Bears Offense

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The Chicago Bears offense is underachieving this season after coming into the season with high expectations. It’s a first year offense, but the talent on this team should at the very least be middle of the pack.

The Bears have Jay Cutler who has the talent to be a top 10 quarterback in this league. There’s no excuse for him to be one of the lowest rated QB’s in the league.

The skill position players is headline by Brandon Marshall (a top five wide receiver) and Matt Forte (a top five running back), and a group of complementary players in Alshon Jeffery, Earl Bennett, and Michael Bush. This group should not be rank 26th in total yards and 30th in passing yards.

Fans can give the Bears offense the excuse that they are a first year offense and it takes years to master that; that is a valid point, but if you have the talent the Bears have on that side of the ball, there's no excuse to be one of the league’s worst.

Especially when some of the variations that offensive coordinator Mike Tice is implementing is what Cutler was running when he was with the Denver Broncos.

The Bears have some issues on the offensive side of the ball, and while the defense is playing at a high level this year, the offense limitations will be the one main thing that holds this team back from a Super Bowl.

Here are my 10 solutions I feel will turn the Bears offense around.

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Jay Cutler Needing to Step His Game Up

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

Jay Cutler came back from a dismal first half performance against the Carolina Panthers to help them get a come from behind victory. While it is great that Cutler bounced back in the second half of the game, performances like that in the first half against some of the better teams is going to get the team blown out.

If this offense is going to turn it around it all starts with Cutler who has seem to regressed from last year. Cutler has all the talent in the world to be a top level QB in this league, and with the most talent he has been surrounded with in his time with the Bears, there’s no excuse for his mediocre performance this year.

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Getting Alshon Jeffery Back

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There’s no question the Bears offense miss what Jeffery brought to the table at the team’s number two WR. What Jeffery brought to the table was a second primary receiver capable of giving the QB close to the same skill set as the team’s first primary WR Brandon Marshall.

Earl Bennett is a good receiver, but he’s a better full-time slot WR than full-time flanker. Devin Hester is an explosive player, but should not be used as a full-time WR.

Jeffery is the team’s second most talented WR, and it’s good news to hear that they will possibly have him back in two weeks. The offense needs all the weapons it can get as they head into the tough part of their schedule.

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Give Matt Forte and Michael Bush more Carries

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You can make the argument that Matt Forte is the team’s most explosive offensive player, and Michael Bush is one of the best back-up RB’s in the league. With that said, the Bears can rank much higher than ninth in the league in rushing if the offensive coordinator could stop being so thirsty to get the passing offense going.

The Panthers came into the game this past Sunday ranking 20th against the run. Forte have had some of his best performances against the Panthers, but for some reason the OC abandon the run and decided to go pass crazy in windy conditions.

The Bears need to become a more balance offense, similar to the team that they will see in a couple weeks in the Houston Texans. That starts when Tice start giving Forte and Bush more than 18 carries a game.

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Make a Trade for a Tight End

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I’ve wrote an article Monday that the Bears general manager Phil Emery needs to pick up the phone and inquire about Tennessee Titans tight end Jared Cook. The Bears are missing a fast and athletic TE that can make defenses pay for over-compensating to stop Marshall.

Cook skill-set is ideal for a team like the Bears who doesn’t have a legit threat up the seam and over the middle of the field.

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Play to the Tight Ends Strengths

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If the Bears can’t get a tight end then they should at the very least use their TE’s to their strengths. Kellen Davis is not an every down TE, but as we have seen in his career, he has a knack of getting open in the red zone. Maybe the Bears should start using him more in that capacity instead of an every down player.

Kyle Adams is a shiftier and faster route runner than Davis, who is also a decent pass catcher. He’s a guy that the Bears can use as an every down TE instead of the stiffer Davis.

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Getting Earl Bennett more Involved


Devin Hester played just as much if not more snaps than Earl Bennett this past Sunday; that should not happen considering Bennett is the better receiver of the two. The good news is that late in the game, it looked as if Cutler and Bennett are starting to click again.

The Bears need someone to step up in that number two WR role until Jeffery comes back. The role has Bennett’s name written all over it seeing he’s the more polish WR of the rest on the roster.

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Enough with the ‘Hester Full-Time WR Experiment’ Already

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Hester is a very explosive player, but it doesn’t translate to the offensive side of the ball. A reason for Hester playing a lot is mainly because of Jeffery’s injury and Bennett has been playing injured. Now that Bennett looks healthy and Jeffery will be returning soon, the coaches need to scale back Hester offensive reps.

The move could potentially help Hester in the return where he has also struggle at this season.

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Give Jonathan Scott Reps at LT in Practice


Gabe Carimi has been probably the worst of the two offensive tackles, but this is virtually his rookie season. The coaches are hoping that Carimi gets it as the season progress as far as pass blocking is concern. Webb hasn’t been all that bad up until this past Sunday game against the Panthers, where he gave up a sack and numerous hurries.

I wouldn’t bench Webb just yet since this is his first bad game since week two against the Green Bay Packers, but the coaches should give Jonathan Scott more reps in practice in case Webb has another bad performance.

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Better Rhythm in Short-to-Intermediate Passing Game


I tweeted during the game that the Bears offense seems to “live and die by the deep passing game”. The Bears need to find better rhythm in the short-to-intermediate passing game. They have two good possession receivers in Brandon Marshall and Earl Bennett, who can move the chains and keep drives alive. They also have a TE in Kyle Adams who I feel they are under using as a pass catcher.

Matt Forte could be used in the intermediate passing game either coming out the backfield or flex out as a WR. The Bears have the players to be a little more fluid in the short passing game, but it seems Cutler gets a bit impatient moving the ball 10-to-15 yards down the field.

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Use Evan Rodriguez more in the Passing Game


Rodriguez has been another TE/H-Back that has been under utilize in the passing game so far this year. Through training camp, Rodriguez has been tabbed as having the best hands of all the TE’s on the roster, but the Bears have strictly use him as just a blocker from the H-Back position.

It hasn’t been much Rodriguez fault as it is has been the Bears for not realizing the talent of Rodriguez who could be a mismatch nightmare for Linebackers coming out the backfield. The Bears need to get more out of Rodriguez moving forward.