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Charles Tillman Wins NFC Defensive Player of the Month for October

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

Charles Tillman will be known by this Bears fan as Optimus Prime. When giving the chance, he shut down Detroit Lions superstar Calvin Johnson, or as he’s known, Megatron. For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, both are characters from The Transformers. The Chicago Bears cornerback is the Bears second consecutive winner of the NFC Defensive Player of the Month award. Interestingly enough, Tillman’s teammate and fellow cornerback Tim Jennings won the award in September.

The most ironic part of Tillman and Jennings winning this award is how many of us feared for the Bears secondary. Plate of crow, meet ChicagoBearJew. The secondary went from a concern to one of the best in football.

Coming off his first Pro Bowl season last year, Tillman is playing even better this season. Overall, he has 38 tackles and two interceptions (both returned for touchdowns). But Tillman is the best in the league at causing fumbles. He has three forced-fumbles this season (one recovered). Just when an offensive player thinks the ball is safe, Tillman will strip it out. He’s as good as any player I’ve seen at this skill.

I try not to get too gooshy when it comes to players on favorite team, but it’s hard not to love watching Tillman. There may be guys around the league with more talent, but there’s not a tougher competitor you’ll ever see. Tillman may be entering the conversation for NFC Defensive Player of the Year. It is a well deserved honor for one of the league’s good guys. Off the field, you’ll not meet a nicer guy or find a player that gives more of himself to the community.

As excited as I am for Tillman, one cannot look past his teammate Lance Briggs. It is possible that if Briggs continues playing as well as he is, there could be a third winner from the Bears as well.

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