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Six Random Thoughts on the Chicago Bears & Tennessee Titans

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Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans Game Preview

Troy Aikman

OK, so I know what all of you are thinking? Why is Troy Aikman's mug on an article having to do with the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans? Well this isn't a misprint, but a way of using statistics to tell a story. Aikman invented his own efficiency ratings. The scale looks like this...

-20% Adjusted Points -- Total Points Scored or Allowed minus Points on Returns and Safeties

-20% Turnovers

-20% Red Zone Efficiency -- Measured by Percent of Possible Points

-10% Yards Per Play -- divided into Yards Per Rush

-10% Yards Per Pass -- includes yards on plays involving sacks

-10% First Down Achievement

-10% 3rd Down Conversion Percentage

In comparing these two teams, the Bears rank 3rd and the Titans 29th overall. Here is the scary part. The Bears defense ranks 1st with 91.6 points. This is more than ten points ahead of the second-place quite ironic Houston Texans (81.5). On the flip side, the Titans rank 29th on defense. Offensively, the Titans (79.3) are one spot ahead of the Bears (79.1) in 16th and 17th places respectfully.

How does all of this translate to Sunday? Well, last week the Bears were ranked 1st overall and the Carolina Panthers were 25th. If it weren't for some last-minute heroics, this whole formula would have been proven wrong. But, the Bears found a way to get it done and Aikman looks like a genius, for at least one more week.

The Bears have only played the Titans (and previous Houston Oilers) 10 times and have split all of the games. The last time these two met was at Soldier Field when the Titans walked out with a 21-14 win. If memory serves me correctly, that was Rex Grossman's final appearance as a Bear. He filled in for the injured Kyle Orton.

The Titans are 3-5 this season while the Bears are 6-1. It may seem to be a lopsided matchup, but the Titans are able to score points. Against the Detroit Lions in week two, the Titans put up 44 points. However, that was with a different quarterback (Jake Locker). Including the Lions win, the Titans are 2-2 at home with their other win coming over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I think there are six random things about this game. Please enjoy. For even more fun, follow me on Twitter @ChicagoBearJew and Hashtag #RML with your thoughts.

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Thorn in the Bears Side

Matt Hasselbeck

I hate Matt Hasselbeck. This guy has always had the Bears' number. In his Seattle Seahawks days, he'd find a way to get things done against the Bears. I expect nothing less on Sunday. While his best days are behind him, you know darn well that Hasselbeck will have his moments on Sunday. I wish this guy would just go away and retire.

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Is Brian Urlacher 100%?

Brian Urlacher

I don't think Brian Urlacher will ever be 100% again. But that hasn't stopped the Bears defense. Last Sunday, Urlacher moved as well as he has all season. The more his knee improves, the scarier that will be for NFL offenses.

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Which Chris Johnson Will We See?

Chris Johnson

I am sure there are many fantasy owners like myself that really hate Chris Johnson. He's been one of the league's biggest disappointments. Johnson is tied for 7th in rushing, and has been playing better as of late. If the Titans have any hopes of sneaking into the playoffs, Johnson will need to be the workhorse. Look for him to touch the ball a lot against the Bears. It could be a painful day for CJ2K.

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Being Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

There's been no addition this season bigger than Brandon Marshall. His chemistry with Jay Cutler continues to grow. On the closing drive last Sunday against the Panthers, Marshall was Cutler's favorite target and proved to be a good one. He's currently sixth in the NFL in catches. In my lifetime, the Bears have never had this type of receiver. But I still wish they'd run the ball!

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Is Kellen Davis the Answer at Tight End?

Kellen Davis

I just do not like Kellen Davis or any of the other tight ends on this roster. But apparently Cutler does like Davis. I guess he is the answer for the time being. But it would be nice to see the Bears get a tight end.

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There's No Such Thing as a Bad Win!

Robbie Gould

I am not one of these fans that gets upset after a win. In the NFL, a win is a win. Last Sunday proved to be a near-disaster for the Bears, and yet they found a way to get things done. That is the sign of a good football team. This isn't like college where the better teams have significantly more talent than the lower-rung teams. This was Carolina's Super Bowl, and the Bears ruined the parade. I have a feeling that this Sunday will be a close game as well. Let's hope the Bears have the same magic.