New England Patriots Acquire CB Aqib Talib

By Riley Schmitt
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Aqib Talib has a ton of talent, but his off the field issues seem to overshadow all the talent he has. It appears he wore out his welcome with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as right before the trade deadline, they shipped him to the New England Patriots.

When you think about it, this deal makes a lot of sense.  For as much talent as Talib has, he has done a poor job of staying on the field in Tampa.  His other issues have become a giant distraction for the team.  From the Pats side of this, they need a guy who can step into that secondary.  They need to take a chance on whoever they could get their hands on.

Can Talib turn it around in New England?  It is possible.  Maybe playing for a winning team will keep his head on straight.  Either that, or he is going to cause more issues and end up getting cut.  He has been suspended for the last few weeks, but he will be ready to go on Monday.

This is one of the few deals that happened this year and it might have a big influence later in the year.  If Talib can harness that talent, the Pats have a guy who can become a shutdown corner.  If not, they might be in more trouble than most people originally thought.

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