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NFL Rumors: New York Jets to Keep Tim Tebow, All Quiet At the NFL Trade Deadline

New York Jets Not Trading Tim Tebow


Sorry, Tim Tebow fans.

The prodigal son is still a member of the New York Jets, and as the NFL trade deadline of 4pm Thursday afternoon comes and goes, he will remain a Jet for the rest of the season.

Unfortunately for the Tebow fanatics, it doesn’t look like much will change, as far as Tebow’s role goes.

As the Jets enter their Week 9 bye, head coach Rex Ryan is sticking with Mark Sanchez as his starting quarterback, although he and his coaches have vowed to figure out a way to better utilize Tebow’s skill set.

It’s been a microcosm of the Jets’ 3-5 start.

The Jets traded for the most popular player in the NFL, who happens to play the same position as their much-maligned supposed leader on the field, and it’s looked at times like they’re afraid to actually let Tebow play.

Through eight weeks, Tebow has played a total of 55 snaps on offense, roughly 10% of the Jets’ total offensive plays.

For better or worse, Ryan has married himself to Sanchez, and that stubbornness could cost people their jobs.

Ryan apparently hasn’t even entertained the thought about using Tebow as a de facto “relief pitcher” when Sanchez is struggling, not wanting to invite the inevitable quarterback controversy that would almost certainly ensue.

Unfortunately, whatever the Jets have been doing hasn’t worked. Something has to change. If Tebow isn’t the Jets’ starting quarterback, and it’s possible he never will be, they still need to find creative ways to get him the football.

So far, they haven’t done that. But they’ve committed to both their quarterbacks, at least through the end of the year.

If things don’t get better, it’s possible that one or both of them could be gone at year’s end.


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