Arizona Cardinals' Challenge of the Week is LB Clay Matthews

By Kase Brammer
Clay  Matthews Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews will come into Sunday’s game with 9 sacks on the season. He creates problems for any offensive unit. On a team that creates their own problems he will definitely be the Arizona Cardinals’ challenge of the week. Matthews will line up on the right side over left tackle D’Anthony Batiste. How will the Cardinals stop him?

Well, a tight end will have to line up on that side almost  every passing down. Whether it’s Rob HouslerJeff King, or Todd Heap they absolutely must get a piece of Matthews before they go out on a route.  The problem with doing this is the man on the other side, Nick Perry, could have a big game. However, this is better because at least Skelton will be able to see him coming.

Another option, the Cardinals could completely give up on the run and go to screens and shovel passes in a double tight end set to keep the defense honest. They keep their fullback, Anthony Sherman, in the game because he is a better blocker and every once in a while give him the ball. The Cardinals could also go to a no huddle offense which would keep the defense off balance and create more opportunities for the Cardinals to move the ball.

The problem with the no huddle offense is it doesn’t take as much time off the clock. In a defensive game, like this could be, the Cardinals want to keep the clock moving. I think their best option is a short pass game. A quick slant here, a curl there, toss in a few screens, maybe a draw play, and when the Packers try to jump a route, bomb it to WR Larry Fitzgerald.

There is no easy way to say this, but the Cardinals offense is bad. It may start with the offensive line, but a quarterback really has no excuse for an interception he throws right to the other team. The entire Packers defense will be a challenge, but Matthews will be the biggest.


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