NFL Rumors: GM Buddy Nix Says The Buffalo Bills Will Draft Franchise Quarterback In 2013

By Christyne Polle
Buddy Nix Buffalo Bills GM
Kevin Hoffman- US Presswire

In a morning interview with WGR 550 Sports Radio today, general manager Buddy Nix came out and said that a quarterback will be drafted in this next draft. The, usually tight lipped, GM may be feeling the pressure of his team’s recent disappointing standings in the division, and slipped a bit in order to stay in the good graces of the loyal but increasingly impatient Buffalo Bills fan base. In his interview, a caller raised an important question in regards to Head Coach, Chan Gailey, being fired if the Bills failed to make the playoffs. His response seemed to head in the direction of not firing Gailey, which may have caused an uproar in Buffalo if no changes were made.

His comments afterwards were an attempt to settle the masses. Buddy stated that drafting a quarterback would not be considered starting over. He went on to say that if he does nothing else before his time ends in Buffalo, the one thing topping his list is placing a franchise quarterback in Buffalo. “I don’t want to leave here without a franchise quarterback…I have not said this before but I’m saying it now…” Pretty interesting stuff, leading us all to believe that as of 2013, Chan is still in but Bills quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is out.

But, before we put all of our eggs in one basket and hope for losses the rest of the way, who can really say that they are 100% confident that the Bills will make the right decision to draft a quarterback in the first round? Buffalo has always been a traditional team, leaving little wiggle room in the draft order, especially under Nix. He did hint that with some of the holes being filled in the last few drafts, it may leave more room to move around the board. With most of the worst teams in the league in need of a quarterback, Buffalo, who realistically should pull out at least six or seven wins, will have to move up in the draft order to please anyone at this point. If any good can come out of what Buddy announced today, at least maybe these losses will be a little easier to swallow if the Bills plan on drafting a franchise quarterback  in the very near future.

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