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NFL San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs Gift-Wrap Another Win for San Diego Chargers

Demorrio Williams, San Diego Chargers defense


Lazy, lethargic, and disinterested. Those are all words that have been used to describe the play of the San Diego Chargers in recent weeks. That didn’t appear to be the case on Thursday night when the club did battle with the Kansas City Chiefs. Whether the team has truly turned the corner or if that performance was just a product of the competition is a matter that is still up for debate.

The game was still very much up in the air entering the fourth quarter as well which is concerning considering the Bolts were facing a squad that hadn’t held a regulation lead all season long. San Diego managed to keep that streak intact for the Chiefs, but there were still plenty of other areas where the club looked shaky.

Once again late in the first half, a critical turnover on the goal line took points off of the board for the Bolts. Philip Rivers threw his tenth interception of the year and again looked to be forcing the issue a bit too much. Whether it is a product of the team around him and the pressure he feels or if Rivers just thinks he can make any given throw, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor and on the goal line, that’s certainly the case.

Maybe the Chargers waking up was due to Norv Turner finally feeling a bit of heat on his bottom after reports that should the team lose to the Chiefs, team owner and president Dean Spanos was ready to fire him. The fact that this game was still very much in doubt heading into the final frame says that perhaps the team finally took it upon themselves to change the course of this season.

Several switches in the lineup on Thursday did show a need for a change, but most of those were forced upon the team due to injuries. Two defensive touchdowns won’t happen every game so this may have been more of an aberration than anything.

Unless the Bolts get to play the Chiefs every week from here on out, the team could be facing a serious uphill climb if they still want to make the postseason.

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