Michael Vick Calls Players-Only Meeting, Eyes Playoff Run for Philadelphia Eagles

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-US Presswire

It looks like QB Michael Vick has had enough.

Enough of the criticism, enough of the rumors about his benching, enough of the tough losses, and most of all, enough of people doubting that he is still an elite NFL quarterback.

Vick called a players-only meeting on Wednesday in order to hash out any underlying issues within his team, and to get all of the Philadelphia Eagles on the same page about winning. After 3 consecutive losses, it had looked as if this team had forgotten how to win a football game.

We all know that talk is cheap and that Vick’s Eagles must produce on the field for anybody to take them seriously. But I see Vick calling this meeting as a sign of the quarterback still considering himself a leader, instead of a deteriorating veteran just waiting to lose his job.

Following this meeting, in which about 10 Eagles (including Vick) spoke to their team candidly, Vick sent a text message to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, professing a whole new view on the season.

“Ready to make a playoff run. One play at a time. One game at a time,” the text read.

This message was incredibly basic and incredibly direct, which is just the type of statement that is needed sometimes in order for a player or a team to realize what they’re doing wrong.

The idea of taking football one play at a time is advice that is taught to athletes very early on, but is easily forgotten. Especially in the NFL, all players can think about is the playoffs and the Super Bowl, so it is easy to forget that success usually comes from a culmination of solid plays, not just one big game-changing miracle.

With the Eagles playing the New Orleans Saints this Monday night, Vick could not ask for a better match-up to revitalize his team’s season. The Saints possess an atrocious defensive unit that is ranked dead last (32nd) in the NFL, allowing an insane 474.7 yards of total offense per game.

And this Saints’ defense is not just historically bad in one aspect of the game, but instead they are 2nd-worst in passing yardage allowed, and 3rd-worst in rushing yardage allowed.

For a dual-threat quarterback like Vick, this defense is equivalent to a big juicy steak on a silver platter.

At the same time, if Vick struggles to produce against this awful Saints’ defense, it could very easily be the end of his tenure with the Eagles.


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