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NFL Rumors: Did Jerry Jones Take “Extraordinary Measures” For Jason Garrett To Be Coach?

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Just when you thought all the drama for the Dallas Cowboys was gone from last weeks loss, along comes something new to spark another controversy. The timing of it couldn’t be worse for the Cowboys, who are getting ready to play the undefeated Atlanta Falcons, or their coach, who is under criticism from every direction.

ESPN’s Ed Werder tweeted about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his head coach, Jason Garrett.

The first part of this shouldn’t surprise anyone, Jones made Jason Garrett the highest paid assistant coach in the history of the NFL, which likely prevented him from taking head coaching jobs with the Baltimore Ravens and St. Louis Rams.  Jones also brought in Garrett as offensive coordinator before he hired Wade Phillips as head coach in 2007. None of this is news and should serve as a reminder to everyone that Jones loves Garrett and sees him as the long term solution as the Cowboys head coach. Not sure how many times I can reiterate this point.

The second part of the tweet is a little puzzling. I’m trying to figure out if Werder is saying that Garrett guaranteed the penalties and turnovers would stop if he became head coach, or is he suggesting Jones felt the hiring of Garrett would prevent both of those issues?

It seems to me that Werder is trying to be funny about the constant discipline problems the Cowboys teams have had regardless of who’s been the head coach. Perhaps that’s because Werder, a Cowboys insider for many years, has heard something to suggest Garrett told Jones that discipline and accountability issues would no longer be a problem if he were the Cowboys head coach?

Either way, Garrett doesn’t need anyone questioning his coaching ability after the past few weeks. He needs to focus on coaching the team and preparing them for Atlanta.

The last part of the tweet maybe the most intriguing to me; personally I could care less about the Cowboys ratings being off 20%.

However, there is a bigger issue with a drop in the local ratings, it means local fans are tired of losing and Jerry’s act with the Cowboys. Fans are no longer supporting his team and if local fans and businesses are not supporting the team, Jerry is losing money. If there’s one thing that can get his attention, it’s money!

The question is, are the fans tired of Jerry Jones the Cowboys owner, or Jerry Jones the Cowboys general manager? Maybe both? That is what interests me the most about this all. For years fans have been trying to find a way to get through to Jones; trying to find a reason to get him to hire a real GM. By not watching, perhaps that is what the fans are telling Jones. Maybe it’s all of the above; maybe they want a new GM, a new head coach and even to blow the team up and start over with new players?

Anyway you look at it, the bottom line remains the same, follow the money. If the ratings keep falling like the Cowboys record, Jerry Jones might be forced to do something he doesn’t want to do. Perhaps even some “things” he doesn’t want to do. Drastic times call for drastic measures and it appears the fans have taken their measure.

What will Jones do?

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