Oakland Raiders NFL Draft Prospect: Dee Milliner

By Jeremy Hayes
Dee Milliner
Marvin Gentry- US Presswire

Will the Oakland Raiders have a shot to get the best corner back prospect in the NFL draft?

Dee Milliner, corner back for Alabama, at the moment, is the highest rated prospect at corner back. Assuming the junior decides to enter the draft, it will be interesting to see how high he goes in the first round. Milliner has two interceptions on the year so far, along with 26 tackles.

Milliner is an athletic corner that can help the Raider secondary that has been struggling all year, but they are still not an awful unit in the pass-defense, they just need a bit of work. Players like Michael Huff and Pat Lee can really mold the team’s secondary down the stretch of the season.

The beautiful thing about Alabama players, is that under Nick Saban they are all pro ready. Milliner is strong with good size at corner, who can be a ball-hawk when he needs to be. Corner backs today are valuable when they are like players like Darrelle Revis as far as being a good cover corner who does not get thrown to often because he is so dangerous.

The Raiders have a solid defensive line with both young and old talent, so the secondary is the one place to improve on for defense. The two big questions are if the Raiders are in the top 10 of the draft, do they take him, and if they get better this season, will they even have a shot at him?

The reason he is not graded too high is because there are other options the Raiders can look at on the draft board.

Raider’s prospect grade: B+


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