Should Tim Tebow Replace Mark Sanchez at Quarterback?

By brianpalmer

Tim Tebow’s NFL future continues to be murky. He managed to avoid getting traded by the New York Jets at this year’s deadline despite reports that the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars continues to be very interested in trading for him (and wouldn’t you be interested considering how much the state of Florida loves him, how pathetic the Jaguars fan base is and that Blaine Gabbert is your starting quarterback?). Will this happen at some point in the future? Perhaps. In the meantime, what happens to Tebow in New York?

Inconsistent as he continues to be, Mark Sanchez is still the guy for the Jets at the moment, but you have to think that even Rex Ryan is going to realize he needs to change something up at some point if this mediocrity continues. When the Buffalo Bills are scoring more points than you—and in one less game—something is definitely wrong with your offense. And while Sanchez isn’t to blame for being surrounded only by Santonio Holmes and a completely non-descript offense otherwise, he has to lead this group and it is clear he is not doing that.

Can Tebow do any better? It worked when he played for the Denver Broncos last year when he took a similarly underwhelming offense and led them to the playoffs, so it might. Plus the calls from the fans are becoming more and more impassioned. They want to see what he can do. Hell, his teammates probably want to see what he can do. This is the power of Tebow, he makes you believe that great things are possible, and sometimes when enough of your teammates start to believe something is possible, great things start to happen.

Yes, he is an unconventional player, and yes, his numbers are not great—they certainly are no more impressive than Sanchez’s middling numbers—but who cares? If you want to win, then you put in the guy who can best help you win. Sanchez has reached decent postseason heights so far in his career, but he had more talent surrounding him in those years than he does now. Tebow on the other hand has only been successful with mediocre talent, so he knows how to lead and how to be someone the players want to win for.

Will Coach Ryan make the switch to Tebow at some point? His continued support of Sanchez suggests he won’t do so unless an injury or suspension dictates that he must. Should he make the switch? Yes. Or at the very least he should make him the Jets’ starting fullback.


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