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The New York Giants Game Should Be Played In Pittsburgh



In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, people are trying to get back to normal. Slowly but surely things will start to pick up and get back to normalcy, but right now things are a mess. If you’re outside the NY area and reading this, turn on your TV and for two minutes and take a look. Somehow, I managed to keep power through it and am very thankful and feel very fortunate for that.

People say that sports can help the healing process as people recover from things like natural disasters. When Hurricane Katrina hit, the New Orleans Saints had a home game moved to the Meadowlands when they faced the New York Giants. On Sunday, the Giants will be playing the Pittsburgh Steelers at Metlife Stadium. I think the better idea would be to have this game in Pittsburgh.

Yes, Governor Chris Christie gave his blessing. Yes its an isolated arena, much like the NBA games are that are going on this weekend. A lot of the NBA players don’t believe that those games should even be played. Most of New Jersey won’t have power back until next week at the earliest. There are many gas stations near there that don’t have enough gas to get people to the game and you’re going to add to the increasing amount of traffic in that area.

If police officers or any generators, even one that can be more useful to those without power and water it’s a complete and utter mistake. Things are supposed to get better as the weekend progresses, however, it just doesnt make sense to put those resources there. The smarter decision would be to get the Giants and their families even if it is for the weekend and Monday to give them a bit of normalcy. The players, just like everyone else were effected. Just look at their twitter feeds.

I understand why they are playing the game at Metlife. I just don’t agree with it.