A loss to the Cowboys would not hurt the Falcons

By Ken Grace

Josh D. Weiss–US Presswire

The Atlanta Falcons look to stay unbeaten versus the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday and but maybe they should thinking about losing. One loss to the Cowboys might actually be a good thing for Atlanta. It sounds crazy, but check this out: The Dallas Cowboys are 3-0 against teams when facing teams that are 7-0 or better, since 1991. That is a great stat for the Cowboys but an even better stat for the Falcons. Why? The undefeated teams they beat went on to win the Super Bowl that season.

Those teams who fell victim to the Cowboys were the 1992 Washington Redskins, the 2007 Indianapolis Colts and the 2009 New Orleans Saints. The other cool piece of information is that all three time Dallas pulled this stunt, they were coming off of bad losses and trying to save their season. That sounds a lot like this year’s Cowboys. They are 3-4 and another loss would put them even further behind in the playoff hunt.

Some may say this is a coincidence but history has a funny way of repeating itself. In this case for the Falcons, who have failed to win playoff games the last few seasons, losing to the Dallas might not be such a bad idea. If history repeats itself, Atlanta could find end up hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy at the end of the season, which would be awesome. If nothing else, the Falcon faithful want their team to win a playoff game this season for sure. Even more than that, they would really love to see the Falcons finally win a Super Bowl to cap off what has been a great season so far.

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