Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans Preview


There’s certain players that always seem to have their best days against your team. In the case of the Chicago Bears, Matt Hasselbeck seems is that guy. Despite having a lot of millage on the tires, Hasselbeck once again scares me as the signal caller for the Tennessee Titans.

There are certainly more talented signal callers around the league, but Hasselbeck understands how to attack the Bears. And for this reason, I don’t have a good feeling on this game for the Bears.

I know what you’re probably thinking; ChicagoBearJew, you’re a hater. You seem to be picking against the Bears a lot lately. While this is true and I’ve been wrong, sooner or later, I am destined to be right. And I am afraid the Bears will leave Nashville at 6-2. This is a classic trap game with a more difficult part of the schedule on the horizon, and I think the Bears are ripe for an upset. There’s too many factors playing in the Titans favor including Hasselbeck.

Chris Johnson at tailback is also a concern. While he hasn’t been as flashy as in season’s past, he is still dangerous. Kenny Britt at receiver also is a dangerous player. There’s some hidden talent on this roster, and many Bears fans may not know it because this isn’t a team we see very often.

The Bears defense creates opportunities based off of other teams’ greed. With Hasselbeck, he isn’t a greedy quarterback. The chances for interceptions will not be as available to the defense. He will just methodically move the football up and down the field. It is like watching the IRS audit taxes. But it’s effective against the Bears defense.

I don’t see this game as a route, but a close contest that the Bears will find a way to lose. I’m thinking Titans 17 Bears 14. It won’t be a season ending loss, but one that feels like a blow to the gut.

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