Does Fantasy Football Hurt Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler?

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In ESPN‘s week eight rankings of NFL quarterback fantasy value, Chicago Bears signal caller Jay Cutler is ranked 17th. And yet, only two quarterback’s on the list have as good if not a better record than the Bears. Matt Ryan from the undefeated Atlanta Falcons is ranked 5th and Matt Schaub of the one-loss Houston Texans is 14th.

Fantasy football impacts how fans view certain players. For example, Michael Vick from the Philadelphia Eagles is ranked 7th. Reports out of Philadelphia earlier this week suggested that Vick was going to be benched. So based on the fantasy football logic, Vick is a better quarterback than Cutler. But in reality, Cutler is secure in his job while Vick is close to being benched by the Eagles.

Many fantasy football players will overvalue some players by simply looking at the statistical value of a player as opposed to his teams’ success on the field. In his heyday, Vick was a sensational fantasy quarterback. But his real team wasn’t as successful as his fantasy owners. Meanwhile, Cutler’s real winning percentage continues to grow. And to a fantasy football owner, Cutler isn’t an elite quarterback.

Obviously there’s other factors on a football team besides the quarterback. But if you look at his performance last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, Cutler found a way in the fourth quarter to lead the Bears to victory. According to ESPN, he was worth five points last week due to two fumbles and an interception. Cutler threw for 186 yards and a touchdown. On the losing side, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was worth 11 points despite throwing two picks. Newton ended the day with 311 passing yards and 37 yards rushing. Newton won the fantasy battle, but not the football game.

The aforementioned Vick in a home loss to Atlanta was worth 15 points on 191 yards passing and a touchdown. He also rushed for 42 yards. Even though Vick scored your team 10 more fantasy points, the Bears won thanks to Cutler’s excellent play at the end of the game. Do you think an Eagles fan would rather have results or a better fantasy quarterback?

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