Minnesota Vikings Must Stick With Christian Ponder

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

It’s no surprise that after several weeks of mediocre play, that people began to speculate whether or not the Minnesota Vikings would stick with quarterback Christian Ponder.

To me, there’s no choice in the matter. Ponder is the Vikings’ guy, end of story. It’s been ugly at times this season, but these are the proverbial growing pains every young quarterback goes through. If they’re decent at all, which Ponder clearly is, quarterbacks are often better after experiencing some hardship.

The reality is that Ponder is just hitting the one-year mark of becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL. He was thrown to the wolves last year with a ‘dead in the water’ team, and I think you could make a case that those hard times lead him to the start he had this year.

He had taken two steps forward when the Vikings sat at 4-1, but as they now sit at 5-3, he’s taken a step back…

To me, when a team goes out of it’s way to draft a player like the Vikings did for Ponder, it’s a minimum three-year commitment. If that’s your guy at quarterback in the first round, that’s your guy for a few seasons.

It’s too early to tell if Minnesota was justified in their early pick of Ponder, but at times this year, he’s shown fans why they did so. Ponder can make all the throws in the book – it’s more a matter of learning the pro game, and finding his niche.

I’d like to see him use his legs more often. This is a clear advantage he has over most quarterbacks, and the Vikings really need to draw up more plays that will bring his strengths to light.

Fans need to be patient and look that Christian Ponder for what he is, a 24-year old sophomore quarterback.

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