Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick Criticizes Media for "Creating Turmoil"

By Bryn Swartz

I’m reaching the point where I am tired of hearing Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick open his mouth.

We get it, Michael. You think the team has the potential to be a dynasty and you’re planning on starting a playoff run this week. We know.

But I have absolutely no problem with Vick’s comments following Friday’s practice. In fact, I support them 100 percent. Maybe higher than 100 percent.

Here’s what Vick said: ”You guys create a lot of turmoil for us, sometimes. It’s cool, man. We just got to battle through it. The quieter you call can be, the easier it is for us to concentrate, focus as individuals as a unit, as a team, as an organization.”

”We are trying to block out everything,” Vick said. ”We understand that is the nature of this business. We are trying to keep everything as low key and mellow as possible, with all due respect.”

Here are my thoughts… Michael Vick could not be more correct. He is not having a good season. It’s hard to deny that.

But I truly don’t think he is having a bad season. I really don’t. He’s receiving no support from his offensive line, which is missing key starters in Jason Peters and Jason Kelce. The Eagles don’t have a defense, which cost them the game against the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions, and put them out of the game against the Atlanta Falcons by halftime. The coaching and playcalling have been brutal. Even the running game, which is usually spectacular, is not helping AT ALL this season.

But why blame any of that? No, it’s so much easier to just look at the quarterback and blame him, rather than take the time to figure out what the real problem is for the team. That’s what everybody does. And it’s a shame.

Vick really couldn’t be more accurate. The media has created turmoil that almost cost the 32-year old his job.

In case you missed it, here are five reasons why Vick is not the biggest problem on the team.

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